Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shades of green with a tint of purple

My cardoon thistle heads are starting to become the star attraction at the entrance of the plot.
The fennel are starting to look utterly glorious spreading their fern like peacock wings. The lollo rosso lettuces and radishes, both calling out to me to pick them. I will do this weekend.


  1. Cardoons are very hard to find here--only at a farmer's market or a super high-end grocery store. I've actually never seen them in a store but I've heard you can sometimes find them in San Francisco.

  2. I've never seen them being sold here in the UK either. The prson who had the plot before me, only grew them for ornamental purposes. He did not know they were edible. Ihave never tasted them, so am looking forward to tring some.

  3. Wow. Those fennel look brilliant - really huge. In fact I have to say that part of the plot is worthy of entry into a competition it is so tidy.

  4. You do make me smile. Thank you.

    The fennel are still quite small. They need to be double the size before I harvest them.


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