Friday, 31 July 2009

Prize Tomato

Look at the stalk, as if it is made out of green felt.
Over the past two weeks, we have only been able to harvest half a dozen cherry tomatoes here and there, but next week, they will be
literally ripening before our eyes.
Ooh I better start thinking of those tomato recipes.
For those of you who have been following me from the start, you will know of Fitzy, my neighbour at plot 11. Fitzy is slowly moving to a new plot, there are two blackcurrant bushes on this new plot, that he does not want. I was talking to him earlier about the delights of blackcurrant cakes. He said that he didn’t have the patience to harvest the tiny berries, plus the bushes were overshadowing his onions, which have been a poor harvest. So he was going to dig up the blackcurrant bushes and throw away, that’s when I said Ooh if you don’t mind, we’ll take them off you. 'Your very welcome to them' says Fitzy. We agreed to dig them out this weekend. I know exactly where they are going.


  1. Hi, thank you for your lovely welcome! I love your blog, its very inspiring, i made your blackcurrant fairy cakes and they were extremely yummy!
    Clare x

  2. Hi Clare,

    You are so, so welcome.

    And thank you so much, I am really touched.

    I am really impressed with your new blog, really inpiring. I will soon be having a section for craft blogs in my sidebar, and will be having you as a favourite!

  3. Oh thank you very much! You are too kind!

    Your food all looks so delicious, I can't wait to try more of your recipes.

    I do envy your allotment, we're desparate to have one but don't know how long we're staying here so its not really the time. One day soon though!

  4. Hey Clare,
    I'm a creep really. Nah just joking!
    While your waiting around, why don't you consider groing some salads, herbs and veg in pots and window boxes. That's how I started before I got the allotment.

    Whnever you decide to move, make sure you get your name on the councils waiting list asap, as you could be waiting a long long time otherwise.

  5. Thats a good plan, will definately remember to contact the council.

    We currently have some quite large pots in the garden growing lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, mint and rocket and inside we have aloe vera.

    We have a beautiful large garden that we could do so much with but for moving. My partner is a keen amateaur gardener though and instead of leaving it alone has been busily planting wildflower seeds and various other things to create a bit of a wildlife garden with a lovely pond too. We will be sad to leave it!

  6. Hi Clare,

    It sounds like you ar already making the most of your garden space, imagine what you would do if you had a plot! A wildlife pond in your backgarden, that is grand. I only have a waterbath for the birds, but that still good.

    Just finished adding a craft blog list. I like snapdragon garden where I have ordered a few things, the others are new to me still and may change over time. I like looking, going ahhhh and being inspired.

  7. Oh lovely, I shall have to check them out too, thanks!

  8. SO jelous of your juicy perfect looking tomatos :) i love the smell of tomato plants.


  9. Hi there pretty Rose,
    The tomatoes will soon be falling into my lap, am I making you even more envious. Bet I am! They do smell lovely, I agree.


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