Sunday, 26 July 2009

Maldon and Bread and butter pudding

This time last week I was in Essex visiting my in-laws. Here is a photo of the veg box we took down for Ds parents to enjoy. The veg box includes our first tomatoes and beetroot of the year.
I've been to Essex a number of times now and have visited places like Basildon, Pitsea, Southend, Colchester, Leigh on Sea, Billericay, Brentwood, East Tilbury, but this time it was Maldon. On one of the days, when the weather was warm, my father-in-law decided to take us out for a day trip to Maldon. Maldon is famous for its sea salt. It was quite pleasant actually, there were plenty of people about picnicking and enjoying the sunshine - school holidays had just begun in England and Wales. Here are some pictures taken with my small camera.
Bronze stork.
This lovely pond of lily pads was once an outdoor swimming area.
A photogenic duck.
Lots of signs like these about.
Wooden fish.
Quirky duck and some pretty marigolds - I think.
In the evening, I was treated to some bread and butter pudding… Sorry no picture.


  1. I just can't believe your wonderful basket of veg to take as a gift. We would be lucky to get anything like that much for ourselves!

    The strawberries look so brilliant - you have had a bumper harvest up there. Ours were over weeks ago!

  2. What a beautiful veggie box! 'Tis the season, for sure.
    Love your pics of Maldon - the pond with waterlilies looks like a Monet painting.
    The flowers, I believe, are rudbeckia. :-)

  3. Hi there Mrs Costello,
    We have been lucky so far and the good havest still keeps coming.

    The strawberries, honestly they are still coming, tho not in the nice heart shaped form, but still delicious nonetheless.

    Hello Barbara,
    Thanks for letting me know that the flowers are rudbeckia. I am learning all the time.

    Thank you so much for the compliment about the photo too. Now that I look at it again, i agree with you that the one with the lilies does look like a painting.

  4. Did you get to see any samphire growing on the river estuary last time I went to Maldon there was loads :)

  5. No I didn't. I was too busy licking my ice-cream : )


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