Monday, 27 July 2009

Stolen Tools

I didn’t want to dwell over it this weekend, but there has been more thieving on the allotment site. Big time in fact, a number of plots holders, especially some of the new plot holders have had a lot of their tools stolen: spades, drill, hammer, shears, hose and so on. Surprisingly this theft coincides with the return of one particular man and his family, but maybe I am reading too much into this coincidence.

What was a surprise to both D and me was that our plot had not been touched this time. I’ve written about this before, but the next time we have something stolen from our plot, I am doing two things: informing the police and getting in touch with the press to do an article around ‘real thieving on allotment sites’, a change from the nice stories you read about allotments. That would raise some eyebrows. I am sure the committee members would be quick react to this, rather than to the constant thieving.

Some of the plot holders expressed their anger at the thieving and their thoughts and suspicions that it was someone on the plot. I did not share my views about this, as it would be hearsay, but I did tell them of my own personal experiences of on-going thieving on the plot and the lack of action by the longstanding committee members. Nevertheless, I advised them to speak to the ‘committee members’, otherwise to go along to the next committee meeting which is this Sunday.

On another note, I was surprised to learn that the thieves hadn’t stolen anything from the Treasurers plot, where she hoards things like tools from ex-plot holders. Very, very interesting I think.

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