Thursday, 16 July 2009

Peas mean Green

After work D and me went over the allotment just to water the tomatoes that are beginning to redden in the greenhouse. There was no need to water outside, as it had been raining on and off all day. But the one thing we did notice was that we had to start harvesting our peas, as some were starting to turn that stale yellow-green colour, meaning not sweet peas, but hard mealy peas. So for a good half an hour, we silently picked through the wigwam canes. We managed to pick buckets full, and I am not exaggerating. Sorry I did not get to weigh them, but trust me there were loads of peas.
And these are not even all of them.
It took me awhile to pod the green peas, which are now happily sitting in the freezer. Where else are they going to go, as fresh and sweet as they are, I can't eat them all by myself. They will come in handy for future dishes.
I'm glad I noticed this broccoli, another day or two and it would be flowering. So what did we have for our evening meal?
Of course, it had to be Thai green curry with a handful of baby carrots and a courgette.


  1. Aaah, I really wish I could get an allotment here in Prague, as I would love to grow my own produce!

  2. Welcome fishywishy1
    You could always trying growing vegetables and salads in pots.

  3. Wow! Congratulations on all the peas!

  4. Those peas look great! we only got one row of peas with about 20 plants growing this year started off from the balcony, the squirrels dug up all of our direct sown peas grrr! so I doubt we'll get much of a crop, although they are starting to flower now and I don't really know how much you get from each plant as its our first time growing them, but hopefully we'll get something, even a handfull to throw into a salad raw would be nice.

  5. peas are my favourite but didn't plant enough. If I was on your site I'd be high tailing it over to you begging for a swap!

  6. I would eat a ton of them freshly picked, but my favourite way to enjoy peas is in Pea Pesto. It is gorgeous on pasta or bruschetta. Yum!

  7. Thanks Michele,
    We are so pleased, just too many to eat....and not many people aroudn to shre them with...hence the freezer.

    Hey Sharon,
    Sorry to read about the squirrel getting your peas. I've had the same problems, but it wasn't the squirrel, it was the mice, getting all my squash and courgette seeds. I will not be harvesting the amount of courgettes, i got last year, esp yellow courgettes and ronda di nizza.

    But hopefully, the few pea plants you have will reward you with a good meal or two.

  8. Hi nipitinthebud or is it Nic?
    I've read Holler aka Jacqueline refer to you as Nic in one of her blog responses.
    Anyway, If you were on my site, I would have gladly swapped or even given them away...we have so many, so why not share.

    Hi there Jacqueline,
    Thank you so much for the pea pesto recipe. I will definately be trying them out this way.

  9. wow, the broccoli looks amazing! And fresh peas, I bet that was a delicious dinner :)


  10. Hey Rose,

    Thank you, it is really nice to eat really really fresh food. I count myself very fortunate.


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