Monday, 6 July 2009

We're berry rich

Yesterdays harvest, which includes my first ever harvest of gooseberries and blackcurrants rescued and protected from the birds, unlike the red currants that D didn’t get around covering with netting. Those have been got. Only a left few hanging where the birds couldn’t perch, and therefore, couldn’t reach with their greedy beaks.
One of my colleagues at work, doesn’t usually ask much of me, but last week while I was talking to her about the abundance of my berries at the allotment plot, she tentatively asked ‘can I get some gooseberries of you for my Dad. I’ll pay you for them’. Silly woman, does she not know me. Her Dad loves the sourness of gooseberries. Her Dad has been quite poorly recently, so she wants to cheer him up and make him either a gooseberry cake or a gooseberry crumble. I was more than delighted to share my berry crop. Food is also about sharing, not just about consuming.

As a Thank you for helping me pick the elderflowers for the elderflower champagne, I also gave her a bottle of elderflower champagne to enjoy, let wait to hear her verdict.


  1. How lovely. I agree with you that sharing your produce is half the fun, especially when it goes to a good cause. We have had so much rhubarb this year that we have virtually never been without a rhubarb crumble in the fridge. When someone expresses a liking for the stuff I can't wait to give some away.

  2. Hi, I have just logged on now, no computering over the weekend.You have a great berry harvest going. I read your previous post about the allotment goings on and it makes me shudder.I thought it was council run and wondered why these so called committee could not be reported but I could hardly believe it is a private site.Thankfully we don't have any of those problems but our site owner lives on the land and is present every day but so far all of our plot holders are friendly and we share seeds, produce and the communal work. I don't think I could face that setup every day and not knowing if your plot was as you left it.

  3. Thanks reapwhatyourgrow.

    Hi Peggy,

    Unfortuntely, I was not aware of these going on. When I first met with the committee members they were allnice as cherry pie. It was only when I got involved in the volunteering and moving to plot45 that things became clear. If I was aware of all these things before, I would never have taken up the plot, but now, almost three years on - I have too much invested in it to give it up, so I live with it - until we move from the area...

    I have softy whispered in newcomers ears to beware, but the truth is they will have to come to their own realisation of what the allotment site and the committee are like. Until they have something stolen from their plot or witness it, they will bumble along naively, as I did when I took on my plot. Heartbreaking really. This is not what an allotment site should be about.

  4. I haven't had gooseberries in ages.

  5. I didn't get to taste them, but Anna said they were delicious stewed with yogurt and meringues.


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