Saturday, 4 July 2009

Basket of broccoli, turnips, peas

courgette, potatoes and turnip greens.
Its so nice to start enjoying the fruits and vegetables of our hard labour. D and me spent most of the afternoon at the plot today. D tended to his tomatoes as usual. Tomatoes are in fact quite labour intensive, pricking out all those side shoots. Also its no fun sitting inside the greenhouse when the sun is blazing on the outside. I did loads of odd jobs, weeding, pulling out veg that was ready or gone to seed (some of the turnips), picking berry fruits, planting out rainbow swiss chard and the remaining cabbages. Here are a selection of pictures from today.
Purple top milan turnips all varying in size.
The broccoli looks as if it's about to flower, good job I looked under the netting. The cauliflowers are still very small, nothing to talk of in fact.
My first courgette of the year. This one is mottled yellow.
Ambassador peas starting to fill up.
Raspberries growing very well.
I am so fortunate this year with strawberries. I had harvested about two containers and not a slug bite on one. When I got home, I knocked on my neighbour Nessies door to give her a tub, but she did not answer the door, so they have gone into the fridge for now.
The neckar tomato trusses are getting heavy, they are such tall plants. I would describe them the giraffe of the tomato family. Let's see how they taste when they ripen.


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