Sunday, 2 August 2015

Eat Your Greens #14

Welcome to the Round Up for 'Eat Your Greens' #14.    
This is a monthly vegetarian and vegan cooking challenge for food bloggers to make something with a green vegetable (or fruit) each month.  
First up we have  Corina from Searching for Spice with Chimichurri Peas.  What a fantastic way to jazz up some fresh or frozen peas.  Want the recipe go check it out.
Janet from the Taste Space shared with us Fresh Tofu and Strawberry Sal;ad with Mosto Cotto. The greens here are cucumber and salad greens.  Intrigued by the fresh tofu and Mosto Cotto, then go by her blog to find out more. 
Next we have Kate from The Veg Space.  Kate shares a Green Goddess Lunch.  There are so many greens in here that I don't know where to start, but I must - there is rocket, cucumber, parsley, spring onions, spinach and avocado. Now that is goodness in a bowl.  
Dom from Belleau Kitchen brings to the table something a little more warming, but seasonal with this Courgette, Lemon Thyme and Gem Lettuce. Now don't you just want to tuck in, I know I do.
Emily from Cooking for Kishore cooks up a Rainbow Chard and Egg Pie with Feta.   Now how good does that look?!  Perfect for any time of day, especially brunch. 
The Veg Hog shares with us Mushroom and Pearled Spelt Cabbage Roulades.  I'd be well impressed if this was presented to me and made with such love too. Little bundles filled with goodness.
We have some tasty crunch  Green Fritters from Nasifriet at By The Way.... made with coriander, chives, green paprika and chillies.  Nasifriet describes these are her green eyed monster fritter, want to know why - then go on by her blog.
And finally, my own contribution to Eat Your Greens - a Green Quiche made from asparagus and herby mint.  

Please go by and check each contribution, I know my fellow bloggers would appreciate it.  Also I am welcoming #EatYourGreen recipes for August.  Follow this link on how to participate.  I hope you will also be able to join in the Vegetable Palette challenge too, the theme is More Glorious Reds.  Also welcoming #FruitPalette recipes. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Glorious Reds: Vegetable and Fruit Palette Challenge continues

Welcome to July's round up of The Vegetable Palette and Fruit Palette: natures colours - natures goodness''. 
The theme for July was Glorious Reds.  (Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the new theme if you would like to take part this month).  And in no particular order, we begin with with the vegetable palette of reds with savoury bowls of goodness.
The first entry comes from Anitha who blogs over at Veggiesome - Healthy and Tasty Vegetarian Recipes with Tomato Garlic Rasam 
Next we have Gazpacho - The Coolest Salad Soup with a Blushing Salad by Nasifriet at By The Way....
The Veg Hog also shared with us a soup, this one is made with Roasted Heirloom tomatoes and Baby Red Peppers. 
Chardonnay & Samphire shares with us a gorgeous thick Romesco Sauce also made with roasted red peppers and tomatoes.  Yum.   
Choclette from Tin and Thyme brings to the table a stunning plate of Jewelled Persian Rice made with lots of reds from red peppers, cranberries and pomegranates. 
Helen from Family Friends Food with Easy Vegetable Crustless Quiche made with red peppers.
Janet from The Taste Space shares a wholesome BBQ Lentil Sandwich, a great alternative for the BBQ party. 

Now onto the Fruit Palette of Glorious Reds
Elizabeth from Elizabeths Kitchen Diary shared with us Raspberry Vinaigrette. So fresh!
Mango Raspberry Coconut Smoothie Pud from Kate at Gluten Free Alchemist, a gorgeous delight to sup at your leisure. 
We have a Pimms Cream Cake from Caroline Makes, its made with strawberries and I could do with a slice right now. 
Kavita from shares Eton Mess Ice Lollies also made with strawberries. I'd love to get my chops around that. 
And finally my own contribution of Three Red Berry Pancakes

If you would like to participate in the Vegetable Palette or even the Fruit Palette, then please follow this link on how to participate.  The theme for August is More Glorious Reds 
 - Yes, its RED again, think tumbling tomatoes , ripening red berries, robust red peppers, spicy red chillies beetroot, red onion... 

Hosting My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) #86

My goodness its already August!  

Anyway, I am humbled to be hosting My Legume Love Affair wasfor the second time this year. MLLA began in 2008 by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook,  These days the lovely Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen is now the administrator of MLLA, as well as the occasional hostess.
For those of you unfamiliar with MLLA, here is a brief overview.  MLLA is a diverse food blogging event, so any worldwide cuisine is welcome, as long as the main ingredient are legumes. This can be beans, lentils, pulses.  Peanuts are legumes, as are carob, fenugreek and tamarind. Foods made from legumes such as chickpea flour and tofu are permitted. Whatever your chosen legume is, please just ensure that it is the predominant ingredient of the recipe.  

As my blog is vegetarian, entries should also be vegetarian or vegan.  
Only one entry per blog.  If you have any older recipes that you would like to enter, please up-date and re-post them during the month of the challenge.  
User of the MLLA logo would also be appreciated.  
Finally please mention My Legume Love Affair in your blog post and link your post to this announcementSusan's blog and Lisa's MLLA information page as well.  

Please link your entry below.  I will post the MLLA Round up #86 the first week of September 2015.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Five on Friday

I've only recently discovered Five on Friday hosted by Love Made My Home, but my timing is terrible as this is the last one for a little while as there will be a Summer break.  I am pleased to read that it will continue in September again, but I thought it was better to start now than not at all.  So here are five things in my home that has brought a smile to my face this week
The first ones are ornamental fruit caricatures representing pineapple, orange, raspberry, apple (I think) and strawberries. I've recently rediscovered them tucked away in a shoebox wrapped up from our house move last year.  I picked them up from a charity shop in Scotland a few years back.  I sometimes use them as cake toppers.  I had completely forgotten about them.  
Two, when I moved from our rented accommodation to our new own home just over a year ago, I was sad to be leaving behind my thriving rhubarb plant (which I did actually end up digging out and putting it into our new home garden), herb patch and edible flower patch. Flowers like violets, violas and primroses, but its the violas (heartsease) that I missed the most as they were purple and white and garnished cakes and sweet things beautifully.  I have finally a new lot, in golden and autumnal colours growing in pots, but no purple violas yet. They will come. 
Three, a tasty breakfast treat.  I've been thoroughly enjoying these home-made Sweet Potato and Coconut Milk Flapjack Cake slab slices.  I will share the recipe next week, but the nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon are really fragrant and send you off in a happy daze. Its sets me up in a good smiley mood.  
Four, I had recently made some Berbere - an Ethiopian Spice Blend.  I have been making the most of it, by cooking up some Ethiopian and Eritrean inspired meals at home, including one with spaghetti.  The spice blend without sounding silly is quite spicy.  I love it. 
And five, a herb pot in the shape of a elephant from a Fair trade shop, but one I have not used much as I can't seem to find herb pots that fit into it snuggly, so it has been given a new lease of life recently as a scented candle holder instead.  Please do pop on over to Five on Friday hosted by Love Made My Home to see what other blogger have shared.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fresh Strawberry Scones of Sorts

These free form soft fruit berry scones may not look fabulous, but they were rather nice.

I made them a couple of weeks back with the last of my garden strawberries.  These as you can see are not traditional British style scones, but are American style cut into triangular shapes.  
I have to admit that I added a little to much milk, the dough was a little sloppy.  So even though it doesn't look very attractive, it was good to eat and I'd be happy to bake them again.  
For the recipe follow this link.