Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bakers Dozen: Vegetarian Vegan Meat Free Fruit Curry Recipes

This Meat Free Fruit Curry blog post came about after conversing with my vegetarian blogger friend Johanna who blogs over at Green Gourmet Giraffe.  Johanna had recenlty made a variation of Peach and Chickpeas Curry inspired by Jack Monroe, I commented that I too had made a variation of Jack Monro'e Peach and Chickpea Curry a few years back.  

It was  in making that Peach fruit curry that both inspired and gave me the confidence last year to make a vegan Plum Chickpea Curry with the plums that were literally falling from the garden tree

This blog engagement with Green Gourmet Giraffe got me thinking and swiftly decide to share 13 Vegetarian and/ or Vegan Meat Free Fruit Curry Recipes and try and inspire some of you to try some of these unusual combinations, after all if we can have vegetables in desserts, puddings and cake - then I guess, why not a savoury sweet fruit curry.
Yes, I am being a little self-referential, but it is my blog space and start of with my own variation of of a Pakistani recipe Watermelon and Black Beans Curry  with Paneer or Tofu
Hispanic Papaya Curry from The Hispanic Kitchen.  If your interested I also made a Mauritius version of Green Papaya Curry with Soya Chunks
Orange 'Chicken' and Spicy Fruit Curry from Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Ms Marmite Lover South African Bunny Chow with Peach Curry and Sultanas with crusty bread.  
Ms Marmite Lover also has a  recipe for Sri Lankan Pineapple, Cashew and Coconut Curry on her website.
Pineapple, Ginger and Tofu Curry from A2K A Seasonal Veg Table
Sri Lankan Spicy Green Apple Curry from The Flavour Blender
You will find a lot of chicken curry recipes made with pear, but you may be interested to note that Food 52 have a recipe for Pear, Butternuts Squash Curry Soup (no photograph)
Strawberry and Puy Lentil Curry from A2K _ A Seasonal Veg Table
Mango Coconut Curry aka Ambya Sasam from Enjoy Indian Food.
Kerala Jackfruit Curry from Sanjeev Kapoor

You will also find a recipe for Spinach Curry with Fresh Apricots from Azelia's Kitchen (no photograph) 
To end, as I begun with the awesome Jack Monroe, she even has a Banana Chickpea and Tea Curry. but it is very possible that this Banana Curry recipe is inspired by the Queen of Vegetarian cuisine in the UK Rose Elliot as she has a Banana Curry with Cashew recipe in The New Complete Vegetarian Collection (2010) check out the recipe here.

Do you have any Vegetarian Vegan Meat Free Fruit Curry Recipes to share?!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Parsnip White Chocolate Blondies

I created these Parsnip White Chocolate Blondies last week during the working week, when I came home mentally exhausted and wanted some creative outlet.  I went to the kitchen and did some baking. The idea for putting parsnips in  White Chocolate Blondies came to me a little while back, when I made Parsnip , Berry and Hazelnut Crumble, Parsnip Porridge, Sweet Parsnip Pie with Edible Flowers and Parsnip Creme Brulee, but I never had time to put it into practice.  

D was impatient and wanted to eat them warm, I had to smack him with the back of a wooden spoon on the hands to say be patient to let them cool down before removing from the baking tin. Truth is, wee were both impatient.  Then came the moment we had a piece each.  I marvelled at how white it was, often cakes on baking turn that rusty gold. Then I popped it into my mouth. These homemade Parsnip White Chocolate Blondies were not as sickly sweet as the White Chocolate Blondies I made in the past, these were just right and still sweet, soft and squidgy.  

As delicious as it was, I could only eat one piece of this Parsnip White Chocolate Brownie, D had two pieces.  He was very happy.  I asked him if he could taste the parsnips.  He said if I had not been told about it I don't think I would know, but the fact I saw you putting them in I do know they are there.  I said okay.  I will share some with my work colleagues and not tell them there is parsnips in these and see what they think
When I offered some of my work colleagues a Blondie, they looked at me a little dismayed. Some immediately thinking of the Band Blondie fronted by awesome Debbie Harry and some were honest, they had never even heard of a Blondie, so were surprised to note that the Chocolate Brownie had a white chocolate version.  

Well they were all pleasantly surprised when I told them these White Chocolate Blondies had grated parsnips in them.  Only one could detect a slight graininess and thought perhaps it was lentils,; and one described it to being akin to the South Asian sweet Burfi.
I think once you are made aware that there are some hidden vegetables in these Blondies and more specifically that its parsnips, you can taste it.  I wouldn't tell people at first that there are Parsnips in these White Chocolate Blondies, unless of course they truly have a real aversion to it and then see how surprised they are in themselves at how much they've enjoyed a piece - so maybe they can be converted to liking parsnips, like me.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Red Pepper Chili Hearts and Black Beans

Well we had a little snow over the weekend, but it had all melted away by the afternoon.  We also had plans to go to Bristol, but with the Rugby between Wales and England, and the nippy weather, we thought we'd postpone it for another time as we didn't fancy getting stuck in traffic going over the Severn Bridge to and fro.  

So I did a bit of cooking in the kitchen and made some favourite recipes in readiness for the upcoming working week.  One of which was this Black Bean Chili with Red Peppers and of course with Valentines Day round the corner, I thought I would adorn these with some hearts.
This Black Beans Chili with Red Pepper Hearts will be good for at least three meals.  Two of which will as Enchiladas served with salad, soured cream and guacamole - yes the full works; and the other simply with plain white Basmati rice. 
I had not intended to make this Black Bean Chili, but D requested it.  I was happy to oblige as long as he was happy with it being made with red peppers so that I could humour myself and cut out dainty hearts.  He doesn't care what it looks like, as long as it tastes good; and you can't go wrong with a good homemade chilli, especially one made with true love.
Whether you are with someone or on your own, may I wish my Dear Loyal Readers a Happy Valentines.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Creamy Beet Rose Rice Pudding with Pomegranate (vegan)

The inspiration for this Creamy Beet Rice Pudding with Pomegranate Seeds  has two sources.   The recipe idea itself came about after a conversation with my work colleague.  She came back from town with what was supposed to be her lunch.   She says out loud to me 'I wanted a change from beetroot salad and I wanted something warm, so I have rice pudding from...'.  I started thinking -  Beetroot and rice pudding.  Then under her breath she grumbled and 'you still  owe me a beetroot cake'.
Well still no beetroot cake for her, but did make the Creamy Beet Rice Pudding that I was imagining and rating in my head.  I was inspired further to add the Pomegranate Seeds as I had also just watched Pan's Labyrinth in readiness for Food'n'Flix.
I have my own DVD of Pan's Labyrinth from Guillermo Del Toro along The Orphanage, The Devils Backbone and Cronos.  Its a dark fantasy Gothic supernatural fairytale set against the backdrop of fascist regime in Spain in 1944.  Ofelia the lead character discovers a labyrinth and meets a faun who tells her she is a Princess and sets her three challenges if she wishes to return to her Kingdom.    I had forgotten how graphic the movie was and although its a dark fairytale with good versus evil, its not a fairytale designed for children. Its been described as Alice in Wonderland for adults.