Monday, 15 July 2019

Baby Beetroot and Broad Beans

We have more broad beans from the garden plot; and some baby beetroot.

I had to pull the beetroot out of the ground as they were beginning to bolt.  
I also harvested some more raspberries, but the strawberries are beginning to dwindle.  
And for those of you who came by last week, this is what I did to my red gooseberriesI made a Red Gooseberry and Raspberry Tart.  
If you look close, you will see half the side is filled with red gooseberries and the other half with raspberries. It was delicious.  
I will share the recipe for the Red Gooseberry or Raspberry Tart over the next few days, right now though I am sharing this blog post with Dave over at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday, where gardeners from all over the world come together to share their harvest.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Broad Beans and Red Gooseberries

Last month I shared the first of my strawberries and the last of the chard from the garden plot.

Today, I share a small harvest of goodies from the garden.
Here are some broad beans, some strawberries and a good handful of raspberries.  
And most of the red gooseberries. I managed to get to them this year before the birds did. 

If anyone has got any sweet recipe ideas for red gooseberries, please do let me know. 
Now a quick peek to see what else is growing, of course more raspberries.  I have to say, these are much tastier than those I harvested last year that lacked flavour. We've been eating them with Greek Yogurt.
Blueberries coming along.  
In the greenhouse we have tomatoes, still a little way off.  We are not growing any fancy tomatoes this year, which I am a little disappointed about as I do like to try some heritage variety, but just was not organised enough.  Plus our good neighbour got himself a new hobby which included a greenhouse is growing a number of heritage tomatoes.  He is even growing goji berries.  He has been bestowed these plants by a friend of his who grows unusual vegetables and heritage variety.  Am I jealous - of course not - yes I am a little, I want his friend to give me some. Truthfully though, we get on well with this neighbour, he is the one that gave us cherries and the reddest eating apples I have ever seen. So I am really pleased that he is enjoying his new hobby. 
Here are some broad beans - more ready for the picking.
The peas are coming along now, there are pods if you look closely. 
And finally climbing beans in purple, yellow and green, as well as runner beans.
You can't see it here, but right in front is the courgette patch, the gold/yellow variety.  I think I will have harvested my first courgette come the weekend. And forgive me for the make shift cane toppers which also includes a empty bottle of wine and beer.  Well someone stole my terracotta pig cane toppers that I haven't got round to replacing them, so I am doing a bit of reusing.
And finally this Echinacea belong to D.  He bought it for the bees, as if our garden doesn't have enough bee friendly plants! No I am really happy about it.  I marvel at how its grows. 

I am sharing this blog post with Dave over at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday.  

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Lots of Tea In My Kitchen

Well July has started well with the allotment garden plot rewarding us with our first harvest of broad beans. 

Its the only homegrown vegetable I am sharing this month, but I am hoping come next month there will be a lot more.