Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wild Garlic Chickpea Pancakes

Last week I mentioned that I had foraged for some wild garlic, and I promised to share with you some new dishes that I have made with it. So here goes, today I share with you some little savoury wild garlic chickpea pancakes.   

I often describe these chickpea pancakes to people who have not had it before as a flat version of the South Asian onion bhaji aka pakoras. I decided to enhance my plain chickpea pancakes with wild garlic, but if you can't find wild garlic where you are, feel free to substitute with spinach, rocket or any other soft leafy green that takes your fancy, maybe even a herb like coriander, parsley, mint or chives!
These chickpea pancakes are shallow fried in a wide pan.  When I am impatient, I enjoy eating them, especially hot straight from the pan, but they are best warm dipped in a homemade chutney.  I must say though, they are not so good cold. For more wild garlic recipes, please follow this link on my blog for inspiration.

Monday, 14 April 2014

A mug of fresh mint tea

Seedlings are germinating, and the fruit trees are blossoming, herbs are growing -  other than that there is not really much growing in my garden and not much being harvested other than the mint that is running riot in the garden plot.  I am pulling it out, here and there and trying my best to control it.

My mother dries her mint herb on the window sill and when dried she rubs them between her hands, so to remove the dried leaves from the stem.  The dried mint herb is then transferred to a glass jar for when she wishes for some mint tea.  Well, I have mint tea today, but its fresh mint tea enhanced with a little honey. Simples.   

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mushroom Strogonoff with Garlic Chives

Although the sun has been peeking out, its been quite chilly today.

I made one of my quick suppers - Mushroom Strogonoff  - its featured on my blog before, but in place of double cream I used soured cream.  I also had some garlic chives that I picked up last weekend from a farmers market that I frequent every fortnight now.  So I decided to mince some of these down to put into the strogonoff and I kept some stems back for garnish.  
The garlic chives were new to me.  They were certainly garlicky in taste.  I found the some of the stems a tad tough sticking a little to my throat as I swallowed, so I would recommend mincing them. 
You can serve the mushroom strogonoff over bulgar wheat or pasta if you wish, but my preference is steamed or boiled Basmati rice.