Saturday, 13 September 2014

Tamale for family and friends

This vegan Mexican Tamale dish is one that I make almost every month, sometimes twice.  Its a firm favourite with my husband and younger family members likes nephews and nieces.  Regular readers will have seen Tamale appear on my blog in different guises, as a pie see here and or served in individual dishes see here, often served with a lovely green salad. 

There will be days when we will have it for Saturday or Sunday brunch instead of a veggie fry up, but not this time.  I decided on making a much larger version that could be brought to the table. 
My brother is by no means a vegetarian, or vegan for that and would never dream of becoming either, I served him Tamale when he came over for a short visit that ended up being a couple of hours and he totally loved it.  He said he really did not note much difference between the soya mince or the real minced stuff.  I really do think this is one dish that meat-eaters would be more then happy to try, especially if they like a little spice too. 
For the recipe follow this link.  
The only thing to note is that this Tamale was made in a large casserole dish, the polenta flowers are optional.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Vegan Hot Chocolate 'Marshmallow' Brownies

I've tried and tested many vegan recipes over the years and I have to say I have always been disappointed, hence the reason that I have never blogged about them until now; and what made it lush was that it was made with coconut cream.  It was everything a brownie should be , soft, squidgy, fudgy, dense and chocolaty. Even my husband approved - Yeah. 

I decided to make them again, this time with the addition of vegetarian marshmallows that I got from Suma Wholefoods.  I am so chuffed with these Freedom  Mallows that are suitable for vegans too.  Come the autumn, I am now looking forward to drinking my hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows, yay.  Call me selfish, I won't be sharing them with anyone either.  
Anyway, back to the Hot Chocolate Brownies.  I stirred in a packet of Freedom marshmallows to the batter, before baking them, but they did not turn out 100%, but nor were they a failure, read on and you will discover why.  
There were some air pockets.  However these air pockets captured the essence of marshmallow and these were only detected when you took a bite of the brownie, and a gentle puff of marshmallow heaven is released in your mouth and elates you and gives you angel wings momentarily.  Bliss. But I think the next time I make them and I will. I will just scatter the mini marshmallows over the top when the brownie comes out of the oven, so that they have a chance to melt a little onto and into the brownies, like topping off a hot chocolate - hence the name of the recipe. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bookmarked Vegan Pastrami Recipe

This vegan Pastrami recipe is my second bookmarked recipe from Krys who blogs over at Dine In Not Out.  
The first recipe was for crustless vegan Quiches/chickpea cakes, my version was made with broccoli; and the second now Vegan Pastrami.  Both these recipes can be found on her first blog Two Vegan Boys, a blog dedicated to her two boys and their vegan eats and following their adventurous exploits.  Krys now blogs at Dine In Not Out where she shares her love for gardening, growing vegetables and of course cooking and baking. 

The Pastrami was good and was enjoyed over a week in sandwiches and on the side of a veggie roast meal, but I think I messed up a little with the seasoning.  I got a tad confused (must be age) and added some of the seasoning with caution.  After having made it, I tweeted Krys and she confirmed that t =teaspoon and T = Tablespoon.  This confirmed why the black pepper punch was lacking and definitely would have been most welcome.  My husband has requested that I make it again and I certainly will be, but this time with more kick!  Thank you so much for sharing this Pastrami recipe Krys. 
I am sharing this recipe with Jacqueline over at Tinned Tomatoes for this months edition of Bookmarked recipes.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Vegan Meatballs in Coriander Green Sauce (Koftas Hara Masala)

Many of you will know that coriander is my favourite herb I like everything about it, how it smells, looks and tastes.  I would be growing t if I could, but somehow its the one herb that I have failed to grow from seed, whereas my mother never has a problem.   Anyway, a couple of weeks back, I came across what I thought was a bargain offer 2 big fresh bunches of coriander for £1.50, well I just had to get me some.  But once I got it home heavily scented by the coriander waft, the question was what to do with it.  Sometimes, I will just wash it, chop it and freeze so that I can add it to dishes at the end for an additional  flavour burst, but I wanted to make more of, yes more of a meal of it.  

So for a change from a tomato based sauce dish, I decided on making this Hara Masala aka Green Sauce with coriander with vegan meatballs.  It was delish, but I will say that I like coriander. 
I snook in some coriander into Suma Wholefoods vegetarian sausage meat that were transformed into bite size 'meatballs'.  When cooked, all golden and warm - the spices and coriander flecked vegan meatballs added texture and substance, and the green sauce clung beautifully to the spaghetti pasta.

The vegan Meatballs in Hara Masala can be served with plain Basmati rice, but D expressed that he was getting a bit tired of eating rice as we had rice at least three times that particular week, so I stirred spaghetti pasta into the sauce instead.  It was actually okay, a bit like Spaghetti Bolognese but lighter and greener. 
Some of you already know, that I have the pleasure of hosting Pasta Please this month. I have agreed with Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes to combine both Eat Your Greens and Pasta Please.  Please Follow this link for the details to share your recipe.