Wednesday, 26 October 2016

vegan Halloween Creepy Black Olive Spider Potato Gratin

We don't do Halloween in our home, but with the weather turning all miserable and cold in the last week, I have been making hearty dishes like potato gratin.  Potato gratin has been on the menu a few times and this time I just could not resist adorning this vegan Potato Gratin with some creepy black olive spiders

I know I am childish, but there is a kid in all of us - right?! 
I was actually inspired to top the gratin with the spiders from a recipe I had seen last year  (see here) where bread is topped with flavoured cream cheese and topped of with black olive spiders, it had obviously impressed me as I had it lodged in the back of my head to try.
I am sharing this recipe with Healthy Vegan Fridays hosted by Rock My Vegan Socks and V Nutrition.

Other Halloween Recipes to inspire you. Those that are vegan are marked with a v, otherwise everything is suitable for vegetarians.  

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Love Beetroot Hearts Quiche with Feta and Chives

I  harvested some beetroot from my garden a few weeks back and made a few recipes with it such as Beetroot Gratin, Beetroot Horseradish Pasta Salad, Beetroot, Beetroot Chutney,  Soy 'Lamb' Curry, and Beetroot Chocolate Cake.   
And this gorgeous Beetroot Heart Shaped Quiche with Feta and chives.
I made this Love Beetoot Heart Quiche totally from scratch.  From peeling and cooking the beetroot to cutting them into dainty hearts, to making the shortcrust pasty which is dyed with beetroot powder, but you would not know it as once it was baked, it lost that magnificent colour.  

Friday, 21 October 2016

Five New Places I Visited This Year in England

It's Friday and I am joining in with Five On Friday hosted by Love Made My Ho.

I am sharing five places I visited in September for my very British holiday.
Its not surprising that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Brighton ans look forward to going there again. 
Please see here if you want to read more about my Brighton adventures.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Brighton The Vegetarian and Vegan Capital of UK

I don't need to tell British vegetarian and vegans that Brighton was the vegetarian capital of the UK for many, many years.  An accolade it still deserves, even though other cities may come and try to steal the limelight - Brighton will always be the first to offer imaginative, original and  creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine to the masses. 

So you can imagine on my first trip to Brighton I was spoiled for choice of places to eat: The Loving Hut, V Bites, Beelzebab, The Cowley Club, The Green Kitchen and Hail Seitan to name a few .  There were so many that I wanted to eat at, but with the limited time we were there we chose to be selective in the evening and go to random eats during the day.  
The two places I really, really wanted to eat at were Terre a Terre and Food For Friends, Brighton's first vegetarian restaurant which opened its doors to diners in 1981.
So Why?! did I want to eat at these two places.  Simply because | was bestowed the cookbooks many years ago by my husband for my birthday. I have oggled and cooked some of the recipes  from them, but it was the two places I really wanted to eat at.  Its nice to have someone cook for me for a change.   I also chose these two places as they were not cafeteria and  canteen style food, nothing wrong with that, but its nice to be treated to proper restaurant style food made of lots of little fancy components, something that I do very rarely at home  - the food here would be more fine dining and this was after all a holiday. 
I don't do food reviews, so I will not be doing that, instead I will share with you share what we ate. The first night we went to Terre a Terre.
Apologies in advance for some of the food photographs, evening lighting in restaurants is not always conducive for food photography.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Winter Beetroot Potato Horseradish Gratin

This Winter Beetroot Potato Horseradish Gratin is perhaps something best served around Halloween when loud bold colours seem more acceptable on the dinner plate, though I must add orange is the real colour of Halloween, not Gothic blood wine colours.  
This a dish that was made from scratch, from peeling and cooking the beetroot (which were from my own garden plot) to making the sauce, the only shortcut I used was horseradish sauce from a jar.  I have seen fresh horseradish root in the city of Cardiff, but its very expensive and I would only want a tablespoon or two, not the whole root - so its from a jar, no shame in that.  

You could make this grating completely with beetroot, but I thought it might be too overpowering and alternated it with sliced potatoes.  This recipe is vegetarian, but it can easily be made vegan.
I served the Beetroot Potato Horseradish Gratin enjoyed it with Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages which I prefer to the other supermarket brands.  I find the Cauldron ones are a lot more succulent and flavoursome, many others vegan and vegetarian sausages are just shaped like a sausage and taste of nothing. 
The Beetroot Potato Horseradish Gratin was surprisingly quite nice,  I say this as I still consider myself a convert to the beetroot club, I never liked it when I was a child.  The gratin was sweet and earthy, a little punch in the mouth from the horseradish - so make sure its good horseradish and the colour is something you just have to accept and you will, if you like beetroot. 

Okay its been a long long time since I joined in with Food 'N' Flix, so this month I am joining in as our host Kahakai Kitchen has chosen Beetlejuice.  One of my favourite movies.  I  loved Lydias played by the fantastic Winona Ryders line 'because I too am strange and unusual'.  I watch Beetlejuice every year.  There is not much in the way of food or even beetroot juice, but I took inspiration from the Beet colour that runs throughout the movie: from the welcoming door of the couples home Adam and Barbara played by Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin.  The barn where the couple crash under, to the designer Ortho outfits, from his ties to his socks even his house gown was Beet coloured.  The beet colour is splashed loud in our face when we are shown  Lydia's wedding dress and even Betlguise (pronounced Beetlejuice) own groom suited outfit is Beet and white, which brings me to my Beetroot Gratin as it perfectly matches with Betleguise outfit!.  By the way  did you know Betleguise is actually a red star, it the ninth brightest star in the night sky and second brightest in the constellation of Orion.