Monday, 27 July 2009

Greengage and almond tart

Today's weather forecast, four seasons in one day. I took this picture a couple of years ago whilst in Oban, Argyll and Bute as it made me smile. Oban is one of those places we take family and friends too when they come up to visit.
Anyway, onto food - I bought these greengages from a farmers shop while I was in Essex last weekend. I have never had them before so was looking forward to trying them. I decided upon this recipe for Greengage and almond tart. I made the sweet shortcrust pastry from scratch and then proceeded with the filling which was simple enough. We did not eat the tart on the day, as I think frangipane style tarts and cakes are best eaten a day later, but that’s just me.
D said he didn’t mind it at all, but would have preferred the tart warm with a bit of vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream. Me, although I liked the frangipane, I found the greengage twang a tad bitter for me taste buds. Well at least I’ve tried them now. I don’t think I will be eating, or cooking with greengages in a hurry, but you might like them. Go on give them a try, while they are in season.


  1. This look looks great - I fancy get some greengages to make jam with - i'll have to keep an eye out this week to see if i can get any. Where in Essex did you get these it might not be too far for me to go.

  2. We went out for a drive and stopped at the Barleylands Farmshop. Not sure about its environmental or organic credentials, but it seemed to be a popular place with some of the locals.


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