Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Beautiful Bombus that are bees

It took me a while to appreciate Bumble Bees and now I do. Watching them trundle slowly around the plot, from one plant to another has been soothing, insightful and amusing at times.
Early this year, I deliberately left some leeks in one of the beds to flower and go to seed for the bees. The leek stems have come up beautifully producing big, fluffy, white, cotton ball heads, which have been attracting bees for the past two weeks.
And the bumblebees have been repaying me in kindness by pollinating my flowers, fruit and vegetables. These bees were so self-absorbed in their tasks, that they were happy to pose for me while I took a picture or two.
Ah I am happy, it’s been a good year so far for Plot 45.


  1. I love these bee photos! I never knew leeks flowered.


  2. Thank you Rose,
    I didn't know either. About 3 years ago, I went on a composting course in Edinburgh and the tutor there was giving us a tour of the community garden and that's when I noted the leek flowers and their purpose - to attract the bees.


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