Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My mothers wild strawberries

My mothers front garden patch in Wales is covered with wild strawberries, which she dislikes. I love them and brought some runners back with me about two years ago. However, they did not transplant so well in the Scottish climate. Last summer they only showed their lovely vibrant pink flowers, but this year they have rewarded me with a palm full.
These wild strawberries are known as alpine strawberries (I think). They taste nothing like their bigger sisters. These are sweetly intense and melt in the mouth like a squirt of thick red syrup.

I only ever seem to get to harvest the tiniest wild strawberries ever, not enough to make a recipe.

Michele you would love them!


  1. ooh, those sound sooooo good.

  2. I want acres of these. I love wild strawberries SO much; I wish they were readily available here.

  3. We have so many of them and they taste incredible. I think you need about 5-6 to equal one normal strawberry!

  4. You are very lucky. I know someone who would envy you loads!

  5. I have these on my plot. I grew mine originally from seed and think they were supposed to be annuals. mine are 2 years old now and going strong so perhaps growing from seed could be the way forward for you?

  6. Once you've got wild strawberries, you've got them pretty much for life - as they self seed and like strawberries, they have a lot of runners.


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