Wednesday, 22 July 2009

PSB in July!!! How?

As much as I like purple sprouting broccoli (PSB), and eagerly await its arrival during the Hungry gap, I don't understand why I am harvesting it right now. Yes right now and its only July. Has anyone else harvested PSB recently, or about too?

The seed packet is from a reputable company. The seeds were packed early this year and expire 2011. According to the seed packet Broccoli (Sprouting) Early broccoli. Sow in March -May which I did and harvest the following year between February -May NOT July!
If someone can tell me why this has happened I would be pleased to know. Thanking in advance. Yours confused mangocheeks.

By the way, it was truly lovely, simply steamed and drizzled with a bit of olive oil.


  1. HI mangocheeks, We put our PBS last July ,it grew to 4 feet high and just a couple of plants actually produced anything. I pulled it all up a few weeks back thinking it was a waste of space but after reading your post maybe they were just late producing due to the the weather conditions?

  2. It's great that you're eating it. Keep an eye on it as seeding could be round the corner. My friend's broccoli turned from glorious small heads to flowers within a few days and she didn't get to eat any of it. She was so disappointed she just left it there and it looks lovely now with it's little yellow flowers. Anyway, I think it's because their cool weather crops and the hot spell in June excellerated everything.

  3. Mango - this is clearly a case of seed packet misnaming: it should have read Broccoli (Sprouting like you wouldn't believe) Incredibly Early.

  4. Oh Peggy,
    I think it has a lot to do with the weather, yours should have been sprouting between February - May.

    Hi Nic,
    Guess what, i've just got back from the allotment from my daily watering of the tomatoes, and what did I notice flowering purple sprouting broccoli. I wil have to keep alert. I rather eat it, even tho' its really really early than let it flower.

    Blame it one the weather.

    Thanks - for making me smile. Definately mislabelling!

    QUESTION: Do I still leave the purple sprouting broccoli in the ground to sprout next year, even tho' its sprouting EARLY?

  5. I've never had this--so pretty!

  6. Hi there Michele,
    Hope you are feeling much better.
    If you lived nearby, you would have been welcome to some. Honest! I do prefer PSB to the normal broccoli.

  7. Looks delicious! I love boiled broccoli, we put olive oil and a couple of cloves of crushed garlic in whilst its cooking-yum!


  8. Rose,
    That is just the way I like eating broccoli. Yum.

  9. leave it in the ground? not sure but I'd guess no. When a plant puts all it's energy into flowering or fruiting it's like a dying farewell and most plants get pulled up as they're only good for one season.

  10. Amazing. Like everyone else, I am thinking it could be the hot, dry spell we have had, or in fact the seasonably cool weather since then. I have got plants that are confused and thinking it is autumn (but not Winter!). My virginia creeper has already gone red, a melianthus major (South African plant that normally grows in Spring and Autumn) has started putting on lots of growth.

    Very strange times for gardeners. I would be tempted to leave them in and see what happens unless you are desperate for the space. I know you can get one variety of cauliflower that is perennial, so maybe it will come back?

  11. Thanks to both of you.

    I think I will keep the PSB in, who knows I may get some more from it next year.


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