Saturday, 11 July 2009

Missing strawberries

Ida approached me today to let me know that someone had stolen her ripe strawberries. Surprise, surprise. Its not the first time she has had stuff stolen, someone had taken her compost bin, but this was the first time someone had taken her produce. Normally, people walk by Ida’s plot as it looks messy and haphazard to the eye. I have heard people laughing as they pass by her plot, saying 'oh my rabbit would eat that', simply because they are unfamiliar with what she is growing such as broccoli di raab.

Anyway, two people came to mind immediately, but I advised Ida to notify the Committee even though they would not do anything, it was better to let people know, than keep quiet about it.

When we got home D told me he had been approached by a new plot holders Dad who had come in watering, as the family was away on holiday. He pointed and asked D who these two individuals were, as he had witnessed them trespassing on the neighbours plot and harvesting berries. Those two individuals happened to be the treasurer and the president. Hallelujah, someone else is witnessing and disgusted at this behaviour too. I am not alone.


  1. How cheeky! That is so out of order.

  2. Its more than cheeky. It's wrong!

  3. I would be absolutely fuming!!! Its such a pity that kind of thing happens on your plot! Thankfully so far we haven't had any problems like that in our plot yet, in fact a lot of our allotment neighbours come up to us when they have excess and ask us to pick some of them as they'll only go to waste..I'm so sorry your allotment committee are plain nasty by the sounds of it. Well, if you can't beat em, join em, is there any way you can get onto the committee as a member and start hitting them from the inside? I did that in my apartment development, I didn't want some mouthy curtain twitching complainer deciding how my management fee is spent so I made sure I got onto the residents committee and we've got a good group now that actually cares about what happens in our development without being like some sort of hypocritical neighbourhood police, and we make all decisions in consultation with the residents. Maybe your committee could do with a change in management?

  4. Thank you Sharon. I used to have good visions of what allotment sites were meant to be, but all that came crashing down when my eyes were opened to the reality of what is happening around me on the site.

    I agree with you, rather than just complaining about it and leaving it to others to decide, a good way to change things is to be on the inside. We have our next annual committee meeting in Setpember/October I think. Either D or myself will definately be joining, and we will try and encourage some of the other new plotholders who have had things 'taken' to join too.

    We have just came back from the site today and someone was fuming that their hose had been stolen. What more can I say!

  5. It sounds like a nightmare. People can be so awful...

  6. Yeah, some people can be awful. Thank goodness they're not all bad.

  7. Not much point complaining about theft to THAT committee!
    As Sharon said get inside, maybe you could start organizing some of the newer members who have suffered and when it comes to voting at the meeting for the prime posts get them to vote the present committee out.
    Can the police be involved, after all it is blatant theft?

  8. Peggy,
    I agree, but I think people should still complain loudly and let everyone know what is happening. Trouble is people want other people to do their shouting for them, and I don't always have the energy to fight other peoples battles.

    Sometimes its gets tiring Peggy. You just want to keep your head down and enjoy your space and plot and not get involved in nonsense like this and the politics of the place, its the last thing you want really, but it is hard to ignore.

    D has been discussing with a sympathetic lay committee member of ways to get the police involved, so I will keep you posted on progress on that.

    I have promised myself the next time something of mine is stolen, I will be logging a complaint with the police. I am not letting it go anymore, I am even tempted to write to a local newspaper to do story on such 'goings on' at allotment plots like this one. Now thats a thought...


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