Sunday, 5 July 2009

Meow....kittens under the shed

Today D and me spent five hours at plot 11. I am rapidly losing love for plot 11. It is getting so tiresome, the grass is already up to my knees and all the beds need weeding. Staying on top of two plots sometimes takes up most of our weekends. I am seriously thinking of giving it up. We have paid up until October, so will have to give it some real consideration then.

Today we weeded two of the beds. In one of the beds I planted the tangled scarlet runner beans. Whilst doing this we started hearing meowing. That silly cat, no not Beryl the allotment cat, a different cat started meowing. Previous to today, this black cat had meowed and we thought it was trapped in the yellow submarine shed. So I opened the door, hoping the cat would walk out. It was not in the shed at all, just beside it. So again, today it was meowing, I ignored it as I could see it was sunbathing in the sun. Then from the corner of my eye, whilst weeding I saw a little kitten head poke out from the bottom of the shed, I yelled out loud to let D know what I had just seen. He hurried over just as excited as me. Upon investigation further, we realised why this cat was meowing a lot more than usual and why she had become so territorial around the plot, she had three kittens under the shed.

I was tempted to take one of the kittens home, but hesitated. Is it right to take a kitten from its mother in these circumstances?


  1. I do know what you mean about keeping two plots. I think it is more satisfying to keep one well. Having said that, we have planted perennials on both, so I am reluctant to give either up. It does make it into work, not fun at times. Plus if you don't tend your crops well, they aren't as productive, which means you get less for your efforts.....

    Jury's out I think.

  2. The probelm with plot 11 also is it is a boggy plot, so it means we are limited with what we can grow on it. Potatoes have been poor.

    Also if the plot was next to Plot 45, I think I could just about cope, but its on the far end of the allotment site, that sometimes after work when I got watering, I neglect to water plot 11.
    Let's see what happens.

  3. How old are the kittens? It would be great if you could find homes for them!!

  4. I think the kittens must be about a month old. D had told some of the committee members of the kittens under the shed. The reason he told them was so that someone could feed it, but I think mother cat was doing well as the kittens looked healthy. And him only telling the other plotholders would make them come over and bother them.

    We went to check on them twice this week, they do not seem to be under the shed anymore. I think the mother cat has moved them, because of the nosy poking humans. I am a little annoyed at D for telling the others, but he thinks he was doing the best for the kittens.

  5. At about 5 weeks old the kittens should be able to be adopted as they are eating on their own. If you catch them this early they will also tame very easily.

  6. The kittens have been moved somewhere else by their mother. If I do see them, I will probably adopt one. I know of a couple of other people who are interested in giving a kitten a home, but chances are someone else will get them before me.


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