Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Scarecrow Festival

On Sunday, even though it was raining we decided to give the allotment a miss and go to the West Kilbride Scarecrow Festival. We stumbled upon the Scarecrow festival a few years ago by accident when we had Ds sister up for a long weekend and we took her out for a drive to Ardrossan in the West coast. Every scarecrow we drove past looked very impressive, so even though it was raining, you can imagine my response when D said did I want to go and see them again. Yes, yes oh yes.
I was surprised that many of the scarecrows still had their heads on, as in other parts of the country, I am sure they would have been headless and vandalised, but i guess there are still some places where there is some community pride.
The drive was not pleasant, rain from the sky and then the gushing from the car wheels in front. But by the time we got to West Kilbride, the rain had stopped. Yay! So here are a sample of some of the residents at West Kilbride.
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And here's the food related bit.

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