Saturday, 25 July 2009

my Veg Table

Today D and myself spent a good 8 hours at Plot 45. Catching up with the work we missed out on from last weekend, but we were rewarded well. Look at the box below, which contains from the left: purple sprouting broccoli, broccoli, peas, courgettes, rainbow carrots and snowball cauliflower. In the front: strawberries which are still flowering, climbing green beans, some tomatoes and a good handful of raspberries.
Here are some up to date pictures from Plot 45 today.
This is the dwarf hestia runner bean I wrote about yesterday. Aren't they pretty? Like red hot chillies.
This is the flower of the dwarf purple Queen in all her glory.
Look how straight this one is!
Blue ballet pumpkin. Yes, I know it's still green.
Broccoli head
This is supposed to be snowball cauliflower. These have been a great disappointment, each and everyone has pretty much blown.
The crown goes to the Fennel.
All orderly and looking magestic.
Ah my weeded bed of marigolds, leeks and lettuces. This was the new potatoes bed, which have all been harvested now and stored in a jute bag.
Now I can enjoy rest of the evening. Or what's left of it.


  1. What an amazing harvest! Sorry to see the blown caulis though. That's what all but one of mine did too. Gorgeous photos too.

  2. wow, you're still getting strawberries. what a lovely haul x

  3. Thanks FlowerPowerGirl,
    I am rather sad about the cauliflowers though. I have never been able to grow them well, that is why I chose to grow the snowball variety this year, and even they did not do so well. You still got some good ones though, unlike me with nout really. I have some purple variety planted too. See how they go, otherwise I will try again next year, but a lot more reading on caulis will be needed.

    Hi Nic,
    Thank you. Yes, I am, and the strawberry plants are still flowering, I guess that's because I am up North and they took a while to come into their own. The only thing, the strawberries are not very heart shaped now, but they still taste really good.

  4. Hi, We had the same problem with caulis last year as you have this year! I was not sure if they thought they were broccoli the way they sprouted. My daughter read as much as she could about them and this year they had their own bed,undisturbed apart from an occasional weeding, lots of organic compost and a couple of liquid feeds of nettle juice and have responded handsomely. Caulis do not like stress of any kind!

  5. Those lovely fresh vegies look so yummy!
    It looks like everything is growing really well.


  6. Thanks for the advice on cauliflwoers Peggy. Hopefully, I will do better next year.

    Thanks Rose,
    Now I have to turn thoughts on what to do with them all, esp the peas!

  7. What a bounty! Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for your nice comment :)

  8. Thank you for the compliment Amy. It is much appreciated.


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