Friday, 24 July 2009

Home Bistros

I was reading this article on-line about people cooking non pretentious seasonal food from home and then opening their doors, whether it’s a bungalow, a house, or an ex-council flat to both strangers and friends. First, I found it interesting, amusing and a little bit endearing that ordinary people were welcoming, sharing their creature comforts, as well as their culinary skills and edible delights with friends and strangers (for a small financial contribution ranging from £15 - £25). I really liked reading about MsMarmiteLovers Underground Restaurant.

Some of the fruit and vegetables used at these home bistro's were locally sourced from nearby farms, some even from the cooks own allotments. But the more I read, I noted a number of these people cooking from home were professionals in the food industry, some were even trained chefs (charging up to £100). So for some it was really a 'restaurant' run from their home, don’t you think? as some of the menus were quite ambitious such as 'lamb belly confit with razor clams, nori dust and spiced broth and white chocolate and passion fruit vermicelli with black olive caramel and sancho pepper'. Far from frugal and real home cooking I think. In some cases, the trained chefs were travelling and cooking in other establishments, hence the new term 'pop up supper clubs'.

This kind of stylish dining is more of a lifestyle choice and something that I can see being very successful in cities such as London, where it has taken off in a massive way. But that is not to say I don’t applaud the concept of home bistros, I really do, I think it’s a lovely idea and even quite humbling. If I had the room in my humble little abode, I would probably do something like this on a monthly basis, Yeah really,  and I would be serving creative vegetarian and vegan food – food I like to eat.   Maybe it will happen one day.

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