Saturday, 18 July 2009

Red onions, shallot...

I lifted the shallots and red onions from the small garden plot yesterday evening.
The shallots look very good, but the red onions they are another story.
Some of them look reasonable, the way small red onions should be, but the others are well frankly terrible, they have grown but produced no real bulb to look at or even talk of. I think some of the red onions are due for the stirring pot to be turned into either red onion marmalade or red onion chutney. I will let D decide which one he prefers.
I did not have the energy to tie the onions or the shallots neatly into designer bunches, like those you see displayed in well organised Victorian style kitchens and garden huts. So I’ve just left them laid out in the shed on some mesh wiring to dry out. I will come back to them maybe next weekend, when I have time and patience. Oh well, I still have garlic and white onions to look forward to from the allotment, but their stems are still quite green and bulbs quite small, so they can stay in the ground for a little while longer. Hopefully, they will fair better. Lets wait and see. I know I shouldn't grumble too much I have been quite fortunate so far with my berry fruit.


  1. If it's any consolation your red onions look better than mine! :-(

  2. Thank you droolingvegetable, but it ain't (she says smiling to herself).

  3. They may not be very big, but I think they look lovely and so fresh!

  4. Thanks Michele. Hopefully this weekend I will be motivated to tie the 'sorry cases'.


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