Sunday, 19 July 2009

Essex eating cherries from the tree

I am in Essex for a long weekend celebrating my father in laws birthday, back in Scotland on Tuesday.
Not far from were my in-laws live, I noticed a cherry tree planted randomly near a pathway which is used as a short cut by people to the estate.

Oh I feel blessed, I was commenting on Nicisme's blog Cherrapeno a little while ago about enjoying English cherries, but I honestly did not think I would be picking and eating them literally from the tree. Someone up there must like me!


  1. How gorgeous they look. I could hardly believe they were cherries, they look like apples.

    How did they taste?

  2. Those are beautiful cherries! What kind are they/

  3. gorgeous healthy free food, oh happy day. Essex to Scotland is a long haul - have a goood journey back x

  4. I have returned home with my tub of cherries, that are now on the windowsill 'ripening' furthermore. I wanted to go and pick more yesterday, but I thought, I'd better leave them for the birds or any other forager who notices and wishes to pick some.

    Question is do I eat them fresh or shall I cook with them? I have a couple of days to think about it.

    Thankyou. I had to inspect them closely for a few good moments (and then taste) before I acknowledged they were cherries, as your right to point out they do look like baby apples, as they are quite big compared to those you see at the supermarkets.

    Thank you Barbara.
    I keep looking at the photo I have taken of them and think they look plastic, but they are very much real. I really have no idea what kind of cherries they are. Sorry...

    Hi Nic,
    Thank you. It was a horrible drive back up to Scotland as it rained all the way, and passing big vehicles spraying rainwater as they passed by, was no fun. But we're back.

    I am so pleased with my free food, cherries are real expensive to purchase. So it was a lovely gift from nature.

  5. Those look brilliant. I have a craving for more but they are finished here now.

  6. Fancy finding you here Nicisme.

    There are a handful of people on the allotment site with cherry trees, but unfortunately they are to high for any human to harvest, so the birdies will be having a feast day when they ripen.

    Funny a few days ago, I dreamt that I had got lucky again and found another cherry tree, but it was a DREAM...

  7. just found your blog. these are cherry plums - so named because although they are from the plum family they look more like cherries. They make great jam. Kim

  8. Hi, just seen your blog. These are 'cherry plums' - so called because although they are from the plum family they look and grow more like cherries. They are great for jam making.


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