Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Strawberry Ice Roses

or would you prefer strawberry fields forever?
I have often wondered what the difference was between Sorbet and Granita? As both contain the same ingredients and are dairy free. The main difference between them is texture created by the freezing process. Sorbets are smoother due to the churning, or beating during freezing. Whereas granitas are not stirred in any way while freezing, which makes the texture is somewhat crystalline and are more like ice granules when scraped and heaped into serving dishes. Which ever you prefer, both are excellent thirst quenchers. Although I don't have many strawberries growing now, the small wild strawberries, also known as alpine strawberries are still fruiting.

I made this over a month ago, when the strawberries at the allotment plot were ripening faster than I could eat them fresh. After success with the rhubarb sorbet and the rosemary and lemon sorbet. I had decided to make a strawberry version a way to make the strawberry flavours last through the autumn and winter seasons.

This is also my contribution to Grow your own (GYO) a brilliant idea which was started by Andrea Meyer of Andrea's Recipes. GYO celebrated its Second Year Anniversary last month. I really enjoy contributing to this food blogger event as it supports the principle behind my blog that celebrates the foods we grow ourselves. GYO# 36 is being hosted by Dido of Mowgli Chic.

Strawberry Sorbet or is it a strawberry granita - You decide!
You will also need a large freezer tub.
500g ripe strawberries
175g caster sugar
1 pint water
4 tablespoons lemon juice
First hull the strawberries, then put them in a colander and rinse briefly with cold water. Drain well and then quarter them, before transferring them to a food processor. Blend to a smooth puree, then add the sugar and blend again very briefly. After that add the water and lemon juice, blend one more. Pour into freezer box, cover with lid and put into freezer for 2 hours.
Remove from freezer, put back into food processor and blend until the ice has broken down, pour back into container and put back into freezer. You will have to repeat this process twice more to achieve that smooth texture. Adapted from a Delia Smith recipe.


  1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my garden blog. Your strawberry granita/sorbet looks a perfect treat for a hot summer's day. It looks really mouthwatering. The presentation is lovely too. x

  2. Ok come clean how did you make them into flowers?

    The rosemary and lemon sorbet sounds very interesting.

  3. I love the rose shape! genius!!

  4. I'll say sorbet, Mango, and yours looks delicious. I love the rose swirls - very creative!

  5. Thank you Louise.

    Oh Kella,
    It was real easy honestly. I used an ice-cream scoop and just allowed the ice to curl neatly into it, before I put it on the plate.

    The rosemary and lemon sorbet was a bit hit with my husband, I think lemon thyme would work as well.

    Thanks Michele!

    I agree, I think it is sorbet too. Thanks!

    Thanks Debbie.

  6. how cool is that! have some raspberries in the fridge...what am I waiting for?!

  7. Thank you so much Mitinita.
    I also want to say Thank you for choosing to become a follower it is so kind of you. Also, you have a very cool blog header and avatar - very worldly.

  8. Hope you don't mind me sharing this recipe on my blog.


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