Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Giving up Plot 11

As you may know I transferred to plot 45 over a year ago, and D decided to keep on Plot 11. But now two years on, some things have changed and we have to be realistic. We work full-time jobs, and it has been proving a bit difficult and overwhelming to maintain two plots. We never seem to be on top of the work, and this year especially we have really neglected to stay on top of plot 11 in relation to maintenance, weeding, planting and harvesting. We are overwhelmed with what to do with the produce from two plots. There are also times when we want to go over to the allotment and just sit down and enjoy the plot for what it is. This has not happened with us yet. We always seem to be working the plots, rather than sitting back and enjoying the sight of it.

In the summer the plot is: infested with midgies that make it hard to work, neds throwing stones over and shouting abuse, and in the winter: or even at the slight sign of rain the plot becomes both slippy and boggy that you cannot dig the earth. Also although the allotment site has got a feral cat really called Beryl, there still seems to be a lot of vermin about (coming from both the graveyard and the illegal dumping behind the site). It is perhaps the most neglected part of the allotment site as well.

Anyway, even greed cannot justify us hogging Plot 11 for another year. So we have jointly and reluctantly decided to give up plot 11. It will be sad time for us both, but it must be done. Plot 11 was our first ever plot, a real labour of love. The above A2K header image is what we started with. The plot has rewarded us well, especially with juicy raspberries that even the birds stayed away from them. Much of what we have at Plot 11 is recycled. We will only be taking a few things and plants from there such as the stacked shelves in the shed and some rhubarb crowns. We have some vegetables still growing: Scarlet runner beans and King Edward potatoes which we may be able to harvest before we vacate the plot, but the cabbages and autumn raspberries will be there for the next occupant (hopefully).

We will be notifying the committee of our decision at the next meeting.


  1. I'm so sorry. I can tell how sad you are about this. I am sure the next gardener on that plot will really appreciate all the love and hard work you both put into that plot. And plot 45 won't know what hit it, when it has both your undivided attentions!

  2. Leah,
    It so lovely to hear from you, and Thank you so much for the kind words.

  3. Oh, it's too sad, but I applaud your bravery. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do no matter how hard. But I agree. I spend plenty of time working the plot but I also have plenty of time to sit in the sun and do nothing but enjoy it. It's no fun when it's all work.

    I hope the new tenants appreciate the love that's gone into plot 11.

    I pray I never have to give up my plot - particularly as there is a reported 40+ year waiting list for allotments in my borough!

  4. I know two plots are a bit much when you both work so go with the best one it will be easier to work in the long run, and give you time to sit and muse!
    The '70 style bake looks good and seems a quick and easy supper dish to do.

  5. I can just imagine what you are going through, with us its a case of we have out grown our home but the whole idea of pulling up sticks and leaving my lovely garden gives me the willies.

    You sound though like you are giving it up for all the right reasons, which hopefully will channel loads of energy into Plot 45.

  6. i know it's sad but if trying to keep plot 11 up together is changing how you feel about being at the allotment in a few weeks time I almost guarantee you'll feel some degree of relief at letting it go. When your attention is split in too many directions you don't feel like you can do anything well and dissatisfaction turns to stress which turns to finding reasons not to go at all. There has to be a balance between working the plot and taking time out to just 'be' there

  7. Ah Thank you so much for the lovely comments. Each and everyone has been appreciated and humbled me truly. There are lots of people on long waiting lists, so I am and should be grateful that I even have an allotment plot.

    I am looking forward to the summer, the next one hopefully as this one has passed us by with all the rain, when I will be able to 'sit and muse' just as Peggy writes.

  8. It is always hard to move on...

  9. Yes Michele,
    This weekend will be the weekend we give it up for sure.


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