Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Recycling Gardener

Here is some of our harvest from plot 45 except for the Autumn raspberries, they came from plot 11. The climbing/french beans are starting to go a funny shape now, I think they are nearing the end too. The baby carrots were pulled out from one of our recycled plastic tubs.
Oh talking about recycling, one of my fellow bloggers Jenn of Recycling Gardener is giving away a book. It's called "Welcome Home For The Holidays". I am not familiar with the book, but according to Jenn it has a lot of Autumnal and Winter Ideas, so how could I resist! I regularly comment on Jenn's blog so entering the competition was not that difficult for me, but if you want to be in with a chance to win this book, this is what you have to do. 1. You must share a recycled tip not already posted on her blog. 2. Share her Blog and the competition with others! And then this is the tricky bit, Have your friend post a comment and say that you told them about the competition. Jenn will pick the winner on the best submitted Recycling Tip and announce this on the 1st October 2009. She will also write an entry about the winning idea and try it out herself!

So what recycling idea did I submit, well it had to be Welly woof woof!

If you do decide to visit her blog, please be sure to let her know that your came via A2K it would be most appreciated.


  1. The Welly woof imaginative and artistic...and certainly creative recycling...hope you win....I'll certainly be in the crowd cheering you on...LOL

  2. Thanks Annie,
    Welly woof woof is brilliant. I saw the one at the museum, and it is not as good. To be totally honest with you I entered the competition only to showcase the recycling welly idea, as I think it is fantastic and more people should know about it, and make their own if they can get hold of 8 wellies that is. If I get the book, it will be a bonus, but I won't be that disaapointed - honestly! But thanks so much for your support.


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