Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Roasted Root Vegetables

Yesterday I started very well with my Vegan Tuesday diet. I had a bowl of bran with soya milk. We always have soya milk in the house, as D only takes this in his tea for health reasons, so that part was not difficult. I don't particularly like the taste of soya milk as I find it quite powdery, but it's okay now and again.

Often I make my own lunch for work; or get a soup from the works canteen, but as I was on the move yesterday (literally), I had to make a shop purchase. I came across a vegan option called Bugsy: (no prizes for guessing why) a wholemeal sandwich made with grated organic carrots, hummus, rocket and alfalfa sprouts. I’ve had it before and not minded it, so this was my lunch, though it could have done with a bit of seasoning. I had a couple of cups of black coffee during the day, and it was around this I had slipped up. With one of my cups of black coffee I also bought a bar of chocolate (uh oh). As soon as I realised what I had done, I could have easily abandoned my attempts to fulfil Vegan Tuesday, but decided not too and still continue with what was left of the day.
I had given D instructions of our evening supper, which was vegan, so I stuck with what was remaining of the day.

Okay I know I did not fulfil the Vegan Tuesday criteria wholly, but I tried. Let’s see if I can do much better in the future when I am not travelling about too much.

Our Vegan supper was this plate of roasted root vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, radishes, turnips and a hispi cabbage, all baked in the oven with some seasoning and olive oil. No dressing, no sauce and certainly no chutney as it really was moist and flavoursome. The only thing that did not work too well was the parsnips, which were a little on the dry side.


  1. Simple and to the point but I would have done some sort of legumes as the family would have screamed blue murder - What! no sauce!! :)

  2. I think as long as you have a vegan dinner you've done very well! Thanks for cooking with us on Vegan Tuesday. Your dinner looks awesome!

    Can you buy almond milk there? I like it much better than soy.

  3. It can certainly be hard to eat vegan if your not doing it every day. Have you tried rice milk before? I buy it instead of soy milk, i profer the taste and smell, although when im out and order coffee i have soy.
    I love roast veg!


  4. Kella,
    Your right, this time the olive oil we used compliemnted the veg well, but if I had my mum or nephews around, I too probably would have made some legumes or a coriander pesto. It would still have been vegan.

    Hey Michele,
    Thank you so much. I won't be able to do Vegan Tuesday next week as I am away from home travelling for work, but I will have a vegan meal during the week when I get back.

    Yes, we ca get almond milk here. I like it, but D won't drink flavoured 'milk', and I don't want to buy it just for me to consume as I know I would not finish using it on my own.

    Hi Rose,
    Yes, I have had rice milk in the past. I think I would have to try it again and see whether D would want to use it in his tea, if so we may change over, but it is unlikely. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  5. I like your vegan Tuesday...sounds like a good idea...perhaps I'll be inspired to be a more time!

  6. I think vegetables are essential in your diet. I am very lucky as I think most days I have more than my 'five a day!' and this year, much of it has been homegrown.


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