Thursday, 17 September 2009

Autumnal feel in the garden plot

For me when I see blackberries, it's the signal that Autumn is truly here.

This picture of blackberries was taken about a month ago, they are actually growing in our garden by the apple tree. I bought this blackberry plant when we first moved here in 2006, but this is actually the first year when they look 'good enough to eat'.
Now look at these ones, taken yesterday - yes plump and juicy - ready to be eaten, but we did not pick any of them, as we still have a few plums in the fruit bowl screaming to be eaten.
So there they remain for the birds to enjoy if they wish.
This is a view from my flat window at our part of the garden. A total mess I know, but there are days when I like looking out from it. I like to admiring the changing colours of the plants, seeing the various birds in the tree and the occasional squirrel bopping about - only to be distracted by the fast moving trains in the background. Anyway, this time last year, the apple tree was heaving with apples, this year though - we can only see a few dotted about. I have no idea what has happened, perhaps its to do with the weather this year, being so changeable that the apple flower buds just did not get a chance to set. Oh I don't know, but I am disappointed as I had plans for all those cooking apples: jam, tarts, cakes, crumbles and so on. In my dug up garden plot, you can just about see the black kale, some white sprouting broccoli, Swiss chard and some lettuces that are just starting to bolt. Okay I guess I better take you down into the garden, but don't tell me the grass needs cutting because I know it does and please don't tell me that I have been neglecting the garden plot, because I know that is true too.
I mean just look at these hestia dwarf runner beans growing in a pot.
This Norwich bear is sitting happily though in one of the herb baskets, that has seen better days.
A handful of wild strawberries still growing. A lot of these wild strawberries have self-seeded in the border for the slugs and snails to enjoy.
And finally, a pink lupin flower coming to an end. Yes, I know I should be dead heading these, but I haven't got round to it, like the grass cutting. Maybe I should hint to D...


  1. Everything looks so green and lovely! Your backyard garden is wonderful.

  2. Perhaps gardens weren't meant to be "over" tended...perhaps they're meant to be just a little bit neglected so nature can do what it does. Your blackberries look quite lucious, sad about the apple but they are picky about things when the buds are setting...I've had a similar problem with tomatoes, in years the ground to early and the cold causes the blooms to fall off, in the ground to late and the heat causes the blooms to fall cold, to hot, to little rain, to much's why I have a very healthy respect for gardeners and farmers...getting it right every year is a huge gamble...but when it works it's heavenly...the lupin is a beautiful warm pink...nice as we let the summer season go and welcome the fall and winter...

  3. So jelous of your berries! oh and those red ripe strawberries look so yummy.


  4. Michele,
    Thank you, but I wish it was more wonderful so that I could actually spend more time in it, but the passing trains are really a distraction.

    Thank you for such a lovely response, it was a joy to read. I feel much better.

    I agree that the blackberries do look luscious, but sad about the apple - so no homegrown apple and blackberry crumble. Your right about the apple trees being sensitive things, esp when the buds are setting.

    Thank you Rose,
    Yes I am quite lucky this year on the luscious berry front: i've had blueberries, raspeberries, blackberries, strawberrries, oh and some more Autumn raspberries. Am I making you even more jealous : )


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