Monday, 28 September 2009

Weather forecast

It's a public holiday in parts of Scotland today, so I have the day off from work. D and me had decided to go out somewhere for a drive, but the persistent rain and the dark overcast clouds made us change our minds. Instead we are having a lazy day...doing not very much.
A colleague of mine e mailed a link to this picture to me a little while ago. It was taken by some tourist at the Lobster Pot Cafe in Berneray, Scotland. I share it with you to make you smile.


  1. thank you, it did make me smile :o)

  2. Fab post. I love reading someone else's take on the British weather.

  3. Nic,
    I am glad i brought a smile to your face.

    Thanks Mrs C.
    It is a good interpretation isn't it?!

  4. Nicisme,
    So glad it made you giggle!


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