Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bee all about it

It is miserable and wet outside, so we decided to give the allotment a miss today. We will put in the hours tomorrow: rain or shine. Instead showing you pictures of my growing vegetables, I have decided to share some 'bee' photographs that I took at the allotment about a fortnight ago. I hope you like.
This is my herb box at plot 45, here you can see the lavender, but I also have rosemary, lovage, mint and sage growing in it. At the moment, you don't even have to brush past the lavender, as it is automatically releasing its beautiful aroma. I must remember to pick some for drying: both for the scent and for home cooking for the coming wintery days.
Look at those legs and the delicate wings!
I like this one too. Just makes me smile.


  1. bee-eautiful, such amazing little fellas

  2. Great pics! You must have a steady hand an a good macro lens. What did we ever do before digital!

    Edzell Blue Potatoes - I grew them for the first time last year, along with Shetland Black. Both were absolutely delicious and very floury. I've only tasted a couple so far from this years Edzell crop, but they are just a good as hoped with yellow flesh and a very dry consistency, and 'earthy' flavour.

    I adore the taste of lovage.

  3. So true Nic.
    But how do you know that they are 'little fellas' and not 'little missus's'? ooh that's a mouthful...

    Thank you for letting me know how you found the Edzell blues. I was interested in finding out how you found them.

    I grew them last year and wasn't that excited with them, so decided not to grow them this year, though I have some volunteer Edzell blues cropping up in the garden plot. Though roasted they were fine, I found them a little too on the dry side for my liking, plus on boiling which was a mistake as they are not boilers they turned a horrible grey. I know what not to do with the volunteer edzell blues this time!

  4. Ooh Scarlett I nearly forgot about the photographs. It's neither a steady hand or a good macro lens, but a very good camera, which we got as a wedding present from both sets of parents. We both enjoy 'playing and experimenting with it'.

    Your right though, what would we have done without digital. Digital is a 'change' that many people accept, shame they don't accept the others.

  5. I look foward to your lavender inspired dishes and with that in mind I'll dry some of mine for using as well.

  6. Ooh Kella,
    I've only cooked with lavender once before, an American friend of mine introduced me to lavender ice-cream, when I came back home, I decided to make some and it was a hit. So let's see what else I can do with it, and I do hope you can adapt it for a vegan diet.

  7. xo, I'm so glad you remember the lavendar ice cream. It always makes me think of you. I recently saw earl grey ice cream, but I haven't tried it yet.

  8. Hello Missy,
    I have you to Thank for introducing me to a lot of new flavours, of course lavender being one of them, the other Mexican cuisine.

    Early Grey ice-cream, nah I snug my nose at that one, if it was Darjeeling, maybe my eyebrows would raise.

  9. These are really nice bee shots!

  10. Thanks Michele. I am quite proud of them.


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