Thursday, 10 September 2009

Soup of the week

Earlier D said to me 'We may not be financially rich, but we are tomato rich!' No kidding. This is just a tray of them: Ailsa craig, golden sunrise, Tigerella and Gardeners delight.
After work, we went over the allotment, primarily to check on the tomatoes in the greenhouse. A lot of the tomatoes in the greenhouse are now starting to rot, but saying that we did still manage to harvest about 4 kilos.
Early this weekend we had already harvested about 2 kilos. So D had decided to make another batch of tomato soup mixing yellow tomatoes with red ones. It was a brownish colour at first, but as the days have gone by the colour of the soup had deepened. That is one full jug of soup, should be a pot really, but this was the only way we were able to fit it into a really full fridge. I have had this soup everyday for lunch. I think there is a bowlful left, I wonder if it's going to be my lunch or his tomorrow?
Whilst D picked the tomatoes, I paid a quick visit over to plot 11, as I was walking back, I bumped into Fitzy. He asked me would I like some more plums as they were literally dropping of his tree. Of course, I said 'yes', but in return I asked would he like some tomatoes, as we are pretty much drowning in them. He smiled and said 'how can I refuse such a beautiful offer'. Fitzy is such a charmer. So in exchange for some plums, we shared half of the tomatoes with Fitzy and gave about 500g to our elderly neighbour Nessie who has been loving them and accused us of spoiling her. That makes both me and D smile inside and outside.
Anyway, here I am now at home looking at the about 2 kilos tomatoes and about 3 kilos of plums, scratching my noggin and wondering what to do with them next: maybe some sauce with the tomatoes; and chutney and jam this time with the plums - or should it be more sweet delights. Mmmm let me think about it.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, my tomatoes are glaring at me from the kitchen window sill.

  2. I made plum jam out a similar variety this week. Gorgeous stuff, lovely colour and delicious on buttered toast!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've added yours to my blog roll so that I can check up on what's happening on the other side of the pond!!!

  3. You lucy devil. Next thing you will have enough to make jars of tomato sauce. In my humble opinion, the flavour of 'Gardeners Delight' just can't be beaten, but let me know if you have something better.

  4. Ive had many Plums this year. I got about 35 pounds worth and made alot with them. Plum BBQ sauce, plum preserves, plum sauce and canned plums,We made a plum crisp and then I froze some. I was thinking Plum salsa with whats left. What do you make with your plums.

  5. do you ever make chutney with your toms? I'm sad not to have any and would love to offer you a swap if you do make some. I have runner bean chutney, marrow cream or hedgerow jelly at the moment but will be trying other recipes through the autumn. N x

  6. I was at a local 'tomato festival' the other week and tried an amazing variety caled chocolate cherry (I think!). Hopefully will be growing them next year. We also have quite a crop of toms, though not as many as you! Lots went into a veggie chilli at the weekend with a side of tomato and red onion salsa. Will try and get it up on the blog soon!

  7. You have some fantastic looking produce! I wish I had a giant veggie garden :)

  8. Yes Kella, I agree - but I guess we should be grateful, some of our fellow veg growers lost theirs to blight.

  9. Hello Shauna
    Sounds good. I am going to be making some mulled wine plum jam and spiced chutney with them this evening. Hopefully they will turn out nice. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I would like to repay the compliment and add you to my craft section.

    Hello Mrs C,
    I actually quite like the golden sunrise, but they take a little while to ripen.

    Hello Jenn, I am not that experimental with my plums, as this is the first time I have been given so many, hence the cakes and muffins. The next plan is to make jam and chutney. If I ever got as much as you, I would go wild in the kitchen.

    Hello The FastestIndian,
    Thank you so much for coming back. I am so jealous, you went where? A local 'tomato festival'. Wow. One of my fellow bloggers has been growing chocolate cherry, which I have been admiring. Like you I am hoping to grow some, providing I get hold of the seeds.

    Looking forward to checking out your chilli and salsa!

    Hello Mandee and Welcome.
    Thank you so much for your comment, it is much appreciated. Hopefully oneday you will get that veggie garden!

  10. I love homegrown tomatoes so much better than those at the store. Yours look delicious!

  11. So true Michele. A fact I learned only after growing my own.


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