Monday, 28 September 2009

Purple Blueberries

Yesterday I showcased some of my allotment raspberries. Today in the limelight are the last of my blueberries from the garden. These will be enjoyed au naturale.
In my younger years, I used to wear a lot of black and dark reds, but as I have got older I now wear a lot of browns and purples. I think blueberries are such a beautiful two tone colour. A colour I would be happy to wear, a bit like these hydrangea flowers growing in Nessie's garden.
Nic of Nipitinthebud says hydrangea flowers remind her of butterflies, I can see why.
See I told you I wore purple, I even have some accessories to match. I felt I had to showcase this little glitzy little evening bag as my mother got it for me. I hope you don't mind.


  1. I'm trying to suppress my girly side but it's no use: that IS a beautiful bag.

  2. Hmm...are you going through a purple patch?They are all lovely colours and I don't blame you for showing the bag it is gorgeous!I have seen one of these forecasting stones but it was a big rock with the legend painted on it.

  3. purple is such an ace colour and your blueberries look delicious. What time of year can bushes be planted out - I'd love to get some and heard they grow well in pots. I have an empty bath at the plot just begging to home a couple of bushes.

  4. I am so keen to grow blueberries but everybody tells me they are difficult. How easy or difficult did you find them? And do you have any tips?

    Mother has good taste :)

  5. What a pretty purse.

    Its not a colour I wear much but its a colour that feeds on my creative juices when I'm feeling crafty.

  6. I'm feeling your true-blue colors, Mango! I used to wear purple all the time, but I've since scaled back on that. Your late blueberries look lovely.

  7. ooo fresh blueberries :)
    I really love hydranga flowers, especially blue ones. And that bag is SO pretty, thanks for sharing with us.


  8. The blueberries look lovely (as did the raspberries previously). I have been tempted by the canes of soft fruit in the garden centre but have resisted so far. Maybe next year!
    I also wear a lot of purple!

  9. Purple is such a great color. It can be so intense and have so many different depths. Those blueberries look delicious - all the better because they are homegrown.

  10. Thanks Drooling Vegetable.
    I must say you do have taste!

    Thanks Peggy.

    I have two blueberry plants growing in pots which I got from a garden centre, it was three years before I actually got a decent crop. These berries are just from one plant, the other one has not done that well.

    Hi Scarlett,

    To be honest, I have just left the blueberries to grow away in their pots, now and again I top the pot with the right soil, and oh I don't give them fresh water, but give them rainwater.
    I would say go on, have a go. They will reward you, maybe not as quick as you want, but they will in time.

    I will tell my mother that she has good taste, she likes to be told that now and again, when I was was younger I would shriek at some of the things she would buy me and still do sometimes, but not as much. Age makes you appreciate family more.

    Thank you Kella,
    Purple releases your creative juices, mmm...that positive!

    Thank you Barbara.

    Thank you Rose.

    Thank you TheFastestIndian.
    Nice to know I am in good company. You have somehow reminded me of the movie 'The Colour Purple'. Funny that!

    I would recommend growing your own cane fruit, again they taste so different from shop bought ones. Just a word of warning, they do start taking over.

    Thanks Joanne,
    You are so right about the intensity of the colour purple. I love the colour in all its shades from light to dark.


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