Friday, 4 September 2009

My blueberry Friday

These are some of the blueberries (amidst the last of the strawberries and wild strawberries) which I picked from the garden early in the week.
I have kept a handful back for breakfast tomorrow, but the others - I had turned into these blueberry muffins.
Very nice they were too.
One thing I have noticed is that home-made muffins, whatever flavour they are, never turn out so uniform and huge like those you see in certain shops.


  1. yummy, I'd like to try blueberries next year. Bob Flowerdew on GTQ a few months ago said they like being in pots and suggested planting 3 in an old bath. thought I might try that but wondered where yours are on the plot?

  2. Yes, Mr Flowerdew is right.

    Mine are not at the allotment plot, but in large pots at home in the garden. I think they are too precious to grow at the allotment: as you can guarantee the greedy birds would get to them before me!

    When I found out from a colleague that they were successfully growing blueberries in Scotland. I went out and got two blueberry plants, as it was recommended to have two, but unfortunately the other one has barely produced anything. I have had them for three years now, and this is my first good yield, not enough for making blueberry curd, but enough to enjoy.

  3. Lovey muffins. I like good old-fashioned blueberry muffins.


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