Saturday, 26 September 2009

Some green tomatoes

Spent about an hour at the allotment today.
The tomatoes are nearing their end. D picked a couple of trusses of green tomatoes in mind that I would make either 'fried green tomatoes' or a 'green tomato chutney'. We'll see, but it did not happen today. We also lifted some potatoes, we have about half a bed worth of potatoes left. Under the brassica bed netting I also picked some broccoli. Although the broccoli has been good, I have found them a bit on the small side, unlike the big heads you find at grocers, depending on how many seeds I have left in the packet, I may decide to grow another variety next year. Oh and I found one cooking apple on my plot, hey it may come in handy for another chutney!

We still have quite a bit to do at the allotment, so may spend more time there tomorrow, as today we did not really put much effort into working the plot, more looking around and harvesting.


  1. Lovely produce...will be looking forward to either fried green tomatoes or chutney (or both)...the former I've done the latter I haven't...I'm hoping I'll have time this week to begin the winterization process in my garden...right now I'm just enjoying the roses and the final greeness...!

  2. I was offline due to a computer virus, just catching up on blogs now.I was given a big bag of pears and made your pear flan.I did not have a 9in tin so made it in a paella pan in the oven as i was offline I did not even bother taking a pic and I am sorry now! Simple and delicious and gone in minutes!!
    I am not a lover of spicy food but your method of cooking broccoli sounds interesting as it can be a bit bland.

  3. Thanks Annie,
    I've made both in the past, so hopefully will get round to one of them.

    It's good to enjoy what's left of the season, especially those roses, I still have a few red and vibrant on my plot, as well as the marigolds, so completely understand what you mean about colour. The lupins are no longer flowering now though.

    Hi Peggy,
    You haven't had much luck this year, the computer virus seems to have plagued you on and off this year.

    I am pleased to read that you made the flan tart. It is one of those dishes that should be eaten warm, as cold it is not the same, so it was good to read that it was gone in minutes! No worries about the photo, the real point it it was enjoyed!

    For the spicy brcolli, I would used chilli flakes which are sometimes much sweeter than the chilli powder. I do agree, brocolli is a bit bland, that's why I tend to drizzle a bit of lemon on it to perk it up now and again.

  4. Lovely tomatoes and lots of them!

  5. Thank you Michele.
    My tomato supply is starting to dwindle now.


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