Monday, 21 September 2009

Sungold Pear Jam

Our allotment neighbours pear tree is mostly leaning on our side, and recently with a gush of wind here and there, we had an unexpected pear windfall to enjoy. Before I picked them up and claimed them, I asked D about etiquette, should I throw these back to her plot or take them as an unexpected bonus from mother nature. He said they’ve fallen on our side, take them unless you want the slugs to have them. So I did.
During the course of the week, I must have gathered about 18 small pears.

I am not really one for eating pears, so yesterday I decided to make this pear jam recipe. It's a good recipe as it shows gives you step by step instructions, except silly me did not follow them to the end. As you will note, my pears are up on one end, well apparently I should have turned the jar upside down whilst it was cooling and this would have distributed the pears a bit more evenly and I didn't use a vanilla pod. Also according to the recipe, it takes about 6 hours, mine didn't take that long, maybe two hours in all.

The sun gold colour looks fabulous just like golden syrup. I think this pear jam would be great on croissants!


  1. Wow those look pretty. I'm not much of a pear lover myself but I'm sure they'll taste yummy as a jam.

  2. yummy! Ive made jam once, but ive found one at the store which has much less sugar in it...the only reason I havent made more jam :)


  3. I bet that jam will be heavenly! I liked the tip about turning the jar. I hadn't heard of that.

  4. I have a big bag of pears waiting for processing!I do have some recipes so I will have to decide which ones to do to make the best use of them. The sungold looks nice though...

  5. Good of you to consider garden etiquette, Mango, but I think D was right - what falls on your plot is a bonus, and what you did with it is a beautiful result. That sun gold jam should brighten many a winter's day.

  6. That looks delicious! I was thinking that you had added some 'sungold' tomatoes for colour!

  7. I bet there are some unhappy slugs in your garden today :o) looks delicious

  8. Thanks Kella.

    If you come across some bargain priced organic fruit, do give jam making another go!

    Thanks Jacqueline.
    The turning of the jar is a new one on me, and one I will sure keep in mind.

    Thanks Peggy,
    There were a number of other pear recipes that I wanted to try, but the little beasties with wings were starting to surround the sweet smells and juices leeching from the pears, so I had to act quick and the jam recipe came as the solution. But if I come across any other pears, I know that I will be doing some baking.

    Thank you so much Barbara,
    Even though D told me it was okay to take the windfall pears, I was still feeling a bit bad about it. So for me, it is so good to hear from other fellow growers that it was okay to do. Thanks!

    Thank you Matron.
    I know the title is misleading, but the colur did remind me of those sunrise tomatoes.

    Thanks Nic :o)

  9. this looks nice! Am into jam/chutney making so will file this for future reference!

    Love your blog x

  10. Thank you so, so much Beauty Balm.
    I am hoping to make this pear jam again, just need to forage me some pears.

  11. I have never made a pear jelly, but sounds like a good idea. Busy today making some quince jelly, as a friend gave us a few from her garden. Our neighbours have a fab pear tree, but it is too far from our side to pick up any. And I don't know them so well to ask.

  12. Galina,
    I remember my husband really liking this Pear Jelly. I was hoping to go foraging for some (I saw a tree laden with some about a month ago and they were not ready then. I don't know if I will ge to them now, as I am due to be travelling on Tuesday and away from my home for over a week), in short, i won't get round to making any this year i think :(

    I am envious of your fresh quinces - I don't think I've ever seen fresh quince for real. Shame about the not knowing the neighbours that well, who knows next year things may change.

  13. I think Waitrose sells quinces, I definitely saw them there last year. I am thinking of planting a quince tree in our garden, we have three apple trees and a fig tree, and even had some ripe figs in July, the first time in 4 years since we moved to our current home, and most of the trees were already there, thanks to the previous owners.

  14. Thanks Galina.
    I will go and have a nos the next time I am in the West of Glasgow, thats the only place where I've seen a Waitrose in Glasgow.

    I am so envious of your fruit trees. How fortunate for you.

  15. I have blogged about my quince jelly and told the friend who gave me the quinces. She asked if I would like more, and I thought of you, but I don't think posting them would be a good idea.
    I haven't seen any quinces in Waitrose on the last visit.

  16. Thanks Galina.
    If I lived nearby I would have come round and taken them off you happily, but posting them ...I appreciate the thought and yes, agree its not good to post them. Also I am a bit short on jam jars this year :0) Thank you all the same.


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