Monday, 3 August 2009

Yesterday gone

Yesterday, D and myself spent about 5 hours at the allotment. D dug up the two blackcurrant bushes from Fitzy’s new plot and has reallocated them to ours in the border. I also pruned the gooseberry bush and did a bit of hoeing and harvesting.
This is our harvest from yesterday: strawberries, tomatoes, radishes, courgettes, fennel, some baby carrots and herbs. There are no longer any green peas to pod, in its place we have climbing beans. I have harvested the last of our blackcurrants, enough to make some muffins I think. We dug up the second early potato bed in Plot 11, it was disappointing, for about 18 plants we yeilded just under 5lb.

As you know there was supposed to be a committee meeting, we got told that because the Treasurer and Secretary were not around that it was going to be cancelled. I shrieked well that is unacceptable, there has been thieving on the plots, and I know a number of people said they were going to attend, so who is going to listen to them, so one of the lay committee members persuaded the President to go ahead with it. What was disappointing was not one of the new or old plot holders who had something stolen recently attended. I was actually very annoyed. I understand that people have commitments and the day and time may not have suit them, but not one of them attended. One of them could have written a note or something about their disgust at the thieving, but no, instead they give others including my ear a chew of their annoyance. Well I refuse to listen anymore. If they cannot attend or write about things stolen from their plot, I refuse to 'spout up' on their behalf afterall these are adults who can stand up for themselves.
One thing that was agreed by those who attended, that it was definitely a plotholder, someone who has access to the allotment. So the thieving will just continue because we all allow it too.


  1. Sorry to hear about your thefts, stealing is horrible. We watched something the other day which contained the line "it is better to be stolen from than to have to steal".

    Your veg box looks delicious, very envious!

  2. Ahhhh, I hate committee meetings. I go to every single one and am constantly disappointed at the turn out and people's general lack of expressing themselves without resorting to shouting and/or cursing. Yes, everyone moans about this and that but no one does anything and those on the committees have no backing or power.

    But on the other hand ~ Fab harvest!!! Actually really impressive and I am jealous and therefore begining to doubt wheather I like this blog already..... x :)

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.

  3. Hi Nic,
    Thanks - but that saying doesn't make me feel any better - sorry.

    Thanks. It is starting to really really bug me now.

    Hello Carrie,
    totally agree with you. I only go to the meeitngs when necessary, it is never pleasant. It so makes me laugh when I read these lovely stories in the papers about lovely neighblourly fellow allotmenteers and so forth, where are they?

    Thanks for the kind comment about my blog.

  4. Oh I know, it just reminded me of it. Sorry for what you are going through.
    Clare x

  5. Whoops SORRY Clare, messed up with your name. Am I forgiven?

  6. Thats ok, i do it often! :)


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