Saturday, 22 August 2009

First ladybird, some weeding and a good harvest

First, I must give little beastie the spotlight. My first ladybird of the year, yipee, it's been worth the wait. Ain't she pretty. I also saw another but she was too hard to capture on camera as she was snugged tight in the cardoon head flower.
We arrived at the plot around 10am and left about 3.oopm. It was a good day at the allotment.
So much fresh produce. Most of it our own: beetroot, green beans, broccoli, Desiree potatoes, onions, carrots and red Marner cabbage; and a bag full of plums from Fitzy. Fitzy permitted to me pick some as long as I made him a plum cake. Good deal I think.
Amongst the marigolds, two types of beetroot: Detroit 2 and Golden.
The magnificent blauhilde climbing beans still growing on and on.
Red Swiss Chard
Some red onions, not very big are they?!
Much of my day was taken up by pulling out the white onions and then weeding and clearing the allium family bed.
These onions are okay, better than those I grew at home. I have left them in the hut to dry now so that I can store them for later use.
Some squash flowers. Tempura - nah I decided to leave them for the bees that are still hovering about.
From the surface this parsnip looked huge, which is what tempted me to pull it out the ground. But when I did, what did I find, a forked parsnip that is no good for anyone but the compost bin. Hopefully the others will be better...I would really like some of my own parsnips for Christmas please.
We took of the perspex from the courgette bed, so that is me there weeding the squash family bed as well as harvesting some baby gem squashes and courgettes, one or two of them had turned into marrows.
D spent most of the time today in the greenhouses harvesting a variety of tomatoes.


  1. lovely greenhouse toms, sigh. what a fabulous harvest. It makes all the difference having two of you there. Tempura courgette flowers sounds tempting...

  2. Blooming heck you could run a stall with the lot you harvested from your plot today.

    Golly, golly, golly, I'm well impressed.

  3. That is an amazing harvest and what a great photo of the ladybird.

  4. That is a fantastic harvest of your own veg!Our parsnips look big also with large leaves but I think I will wait for another month to pull a sample after seeing you one.

  5. Hi Nic,
    I agree two pairs of hands at the allotment are better than one, but saying that one pair of those pair of hands does like to spend an awfully long, long time in the greenhouse with the radio.

    But your right, it is nice to share a hobby with my lovely husband. It makes it much more pleasurable.

    Hello Kella,
    I've been to your blog and read your very long entry, I am still digesting it before I comment.

    Yes, you are right I could open a tiny shop on the plot, but I won't I will try and store some of this produce for the months to come.

    You made me sit up straight by using the word 'golly' - very British indeed!

    Thank you so much Jacqueline.
    I have been carrying my camera around for a while waiting to capture a ladybird on camera. It was well worth the wait.

    Hi Peggy,
    Yes, I do feel blessed.

    The parsnips are another story though. I am considering growing them in the same box as the carrots next year, as growing them in the ground has not been successful to this day.

    I look forward to seeing how yours turn out.

  6. WOW!! what a harvest!! you'd need some serious freezer space for that lot. All looks so good. We're hoping to have a polytunnel on our plot next year, but until then the cherry tomatoes on the balcony should give us a few tasty toms, we've had one or two already and they are sooo tasty! I love homegrown tomatoes, they actually taste of tomatoe as opposed to the shop bought watery ones with no flavour.

  7. Fantastic harvest you have there .. Is that fennel I spy in the photo? When do you sow yours? I've never had any success with mine..

  8. Thanks Sharon,
    unfortunately freezer space is something I do no longer have, as it is already overflowing.

    Good luck with the polytunnel - one of the plotholders where I am has one, and he grows loads in there.

    So right about home grown tomatoes, taste nothing like shop bought ones. Home grown ones are so so so so so tasty and juicy.

    Hello Dee,
    And Thank you. You spy correctly. I do have fennel there. It is called finale fennel. I sowed mine in April and then transplanted it to the ground when it was about 2-3 inches tall.

    I hope you have better luck with it next year.

  9. such lovely photos with this post!


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