Saturday, 8 August 2009

Another weekend harvest

Today, we went out for a drive to Doune in Stirlingshire. On our way back home, we stopped at the allotment to water the tomatoes and harvest some vegetables, berries and herbs.
Not bad. Yes I still have strawberries growing, though they are not as sweet as the first lot. There are also some raspberries which my eagle eye nephew spotted. I even have some rhubarb. I deliberately left these rhubarb stems to grow as I know my mother loves their sourness. So there will be rhubarb crumble on the menu at some point in the next few days.
I picked some marigold flowers for my table. I no longer have any fresh green peas to harvest, in it's place I have climbing beans: a dwarf variety called purple queen, and the ordinary blauhilde and blue lake, as well as a handful of hestia dwarf runner beans.


  1. Very jealous of the Blauhilde beans - tried them and didn't get anywhere. Bleedin' slugs.

    Have fun with the rhubarb: let me know if you want any recipes.... ;-)

  2. Thanks droolingvegetable,
    So many slugs, where on earth do they all come from?!

    If I don't make a crumble, I will certainly come your way for a delicious rhubarb recipe. Thanks.

  3. I just love the blauhilde beans, they just keep coming. In fact, I have trouble keeping up with them.

  4. I totally agree with you Matron.

    My longest blauhilde measured nearly 8 inches. Why I didn't take a picture to 'show it off' i'll never know.

  5. What a cornucopia of veges, I'm well jealous :)

  6. Thank you so much Kella.
    I guess you being jealous of my vegetables equals my being jealous of your lady bugs. I guess it's fair then : )

  7. Yum! Ive never had, or actually seen purple beans. Do they taste similar to the green ones?
    My favourite are butterbeans!


  8. I especially love the tomatoes.

    PS- The elderberries were all gone!

  9. Hi Rose,
    They taste the same as the green ones. On cooking though, they do change colour, losing their lovely purpliness and turning to green. Still taste good though.

    Hello Michele,

    I hope your well.
    Sorry to hear the elderberries were all gone. Maybe next time!


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