Friday, 28 August 2009

Scouseveg and some sights of Liverpool

Some of you will note that I did not put a blog entry on Tuesday as I was in Liverpool that day for work reasons, but I did get some time to see some of the sounds and sights of Liverpool.
The Liver bird is a mystical bird, it is also the city of Liverpools proud motif.
This Radio City Tower bang in the middle of the city centre was quite amazing to look at. Something you only see in some of those 1970s Hollywood movies, but not that often in the U.K.
I had to capture this, you think its an art piece in Liverpool city centre, but it's actually a child running through the water feature - yes, fun in the square for some. I don't know why, it was pouring with rain pretty much most of the day.
Not very clear I know, but I thought I would snap a picture of it, for the colours mainly.
A pretty powerful poster outside The Merseyside Maritime Museum. The museum was opened in 1994 and was the U.K first museum to explore Transatlantic Slavery, since then more have opened up, most notably the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.
A famous scene of the Docks (above and below).
There were a lot of signs reminding people that it was illegal to consume alcohol in public places. I did see a lot of menfolk under the influence and some drinking cider straight from the bottle unable to walk in a straight line, but unlike those you see on a night out in the city of Glasgow, where some menfolk always appear to be angry with the ways of the world. And if you looked at some the wrong way, they'd threaten to either give you a 'Glasgow kiss' (a head butt) or 'stab you', so you just keep you head down and walk by very fast. In Liverpool, it felt different - those under the influence seemed 'chipper', and by chipper I mean smiley and light-hearted, which was strangely reassuring.
Some artwork. First I thought it had something to do with asylum seekers, refugees and even the Holocaust, but on closer look it was dedicated to some famous Liverpudlians who had left Liverpool for fame and gold elsewhere.
There were loads of these peculiar looking things dotted all over the city and even in shop windows. When I got back home and showed D, he told me it has something to do with the Yellow Submarine, but what do I know, I have never been a fan of the Beatles.
But when in Liverpool, do as Tourists do and check out some of the Beatles places, so that is what I did, just to say 'Yeah I've done that'.
I was impressed with the bricks, all with names of famous bands and singers. Even ordinary individuals tried to sketch their names in, which made me smile.
The plaque reads 'four lads', but I only see three. Stumbled upon China Town by accident, quite amazing.
As I was walking down Bold Street, the Big Issue man stopped me and asked if I wanted to sign his petition, when prompted petition for what, he said the Bold Street Produce Market (above) was being closed down, because the council wanted to build houses there, and apparently this grocery shop was popular with many locals, as it was independent. So I signed it. I was impressed with it, it was very popular.
I didn't get the opportunity to check out 'The Egg Restaurant' a well known vegetarian canteen style eatery in Liverpool as I was with company and obliged eat at a generic Tapa Bar with the majority. However, I did see these tins being advertised in one of the independent cafes, so I thought I would pop in and get the Scouse Vegetable Stew, but unfortunately the cafe did not have any. Grrr. Maybe next time, maybe.


  1. Thanks for that wonderful tour! Ive never been outside the U.S. hOPEFULLY ONE DAY! I dream to go to Italy first, most of my family is from there. Liverpool looks so intresting!

  2. Your welcome.

    If I lived in the U.S, I probably would never have ventured outside of it either. America is so so big and there are so many places to see there, before even thinking about leaving the country.

  3. Wow you managed to see a lot of Liverpool considering you were meant to be there for work!
    I grew up near Liverpool and both my parents are from there so I'm glad you mostly liked it. The funny statues dotted round the city are 'superlambananas' and they were part of an art project for the capital of culture in 2008. They were all decorated in different styles and created a walking trail round the city - there is a little bit about them on wikipedia.
    As for tinned scouse, I've seen that in Norway (lapskaus) but think the stuff you saw must be a new venture in Liverpool as although a famous dish you certainly couldn't buy it tinned when I was a kid you made your own. Scouse with no meat in it ie veggie scouse is usually know as blindscouse. I imagine a famous chef has reinvented what is essentially a very poor mans dish with seafaring connections as a gastronomic delight by now......

  4. Hi Linda,
    Yes, I did see a lot of Liverpool. Fortunately the meeting ended at 4pm, so I made the most of the evening. My little feet can walk miles when they have too. I didn't get to go into the Maritime Museum this time as it was closed, I have been to it once before and found it really educational and emotionally moving.

    'Superlambananas' ahh so thats what those statues are called. I was in Manchester about 4 years ago and I remember seeing something similar, but the statues were cows. Very interesting ideas of art I think!

    Why do Liverpudlians dub the veggie scouse as 'blindscouse'?

    Thank you for filling my head with new information about culture, food and about you too.

  5. I love reading posts about new places.


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