Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Some Ladybird things...

just not the real thing…yet
Unlike Kella, whose plot has been graced by a number of beautiful lady bugs, I only have this little marzipan exhibit from a Parisian confectionery shop to show – I am still waiting to see the real thing.
I also got this ladybird necklace for 10 Euros from a stall in Paris near the Pompodeu centre.
Oh and a couple of Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust badges.
And this one is from Snapdragon's Gardens.
So you can see that I am pining for the lady bugs! Come lady bird, come by and visit my allotment plot, you will even be welcome in my small garden plot.


  1. I love the one from Paris, very pretty.

  2. How cute! Are you a ladybug collector?

  3. Thanks Kella.

    Hi Michele,
    No I am not a ladybug collector. I got these purely by chance, only because they were pretty and caught my eye.

  4. Your purchases are adorable! Right now we are overrun with ladybug pupae, which are rather ook-ey looking, and leave little snotty trails all over! Not nearly as delightful:

  5. Hi BT,
    I have never seen a pupae before, so thank you very much for the link. And your right, they are kinda eeky looking, but fear not, they will turn into beautiful little creatures, that your little ones will probably enjoy holding in their hands and watching them fly off.


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