Sunday, 26 July 2015

Handful of Green and Red Tomato Recipes

There have been years when tomatoes from our greenhouse were plentiful, then other years when blight has struck, this year though I have to say looks a little more promising, but not on the scale as when we had an allotment and two greenhouses on it.  And of course I've made many recipes with fresh tomatoes, such as a Tomato Sauce, Tomato Soupsvegetarian Tomato Lasagne and a variety  of Tomato Chutneys.

So with the promise of fresh tomatoes this year, I thought I would share a handful of Green and Red Tomato recipes from my blog.  
I begin with these Sweet and Savoury Tomato Spring Rolls
Tomato Farinata with roasted aubergines and black olives
Tomato and Cauliflower Bake 
Oven Roasted Red and Yellow Za'atar Roasted Tomatoes
Tomato, Potato and Rosemary Bake
And finally this Green Tomato Chutney,  although I'd also recommend this Green Tomato and Coconut Curry. 
A little late in the week, but I am sharing this Tomato related blog post with The Veg Hog who is hosting a Tomato Festival - celebrating all things tomato. 


  1. I hope you get a good crop of tomatoes - that can be very satisfying!

    1. I hope so Mark - I will showcase them hopefully in not too long. D will be well pleased, as you know last year tomato crop was dismal.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post with all those great tomato recipes! I appreciate the share with the Tomato Festival very much!

    1. Oh your so welcome VegHog. I hope more people join in the Tomato Festival, its such a good celebratory idea.


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