Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sweetcorn and Pepper Quiche with Harissa Kick

We drove to the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmathenshire yesterday.  I will share photographs with you later in the week.  

Today has been a day of house-work, laundry and ironing.  And a little cooking: pasta lunch is made for tomorrow and so is our main, that only has to be reheated when we get in.  So as you can imagine, I am a little tired and and ready to plonk myself in front of the TV for a DVD movie.
Before I go, I will share with you these individual Bell Pepper Quiche.  I made these a couple of weeks ago.  Strips of red, yellow and green peppers, studded with sweetcorn and hidden within the creamy egg cheesy mixture there is green harissa, but you don't know about it until you bite into it. I preferred this quiche to the others I've made recently, perhaps because of the green harissa that was made with coriander, but you can use red harissa if you so wish, or omit it all together, its up to you - at home its your recipe.  I am sharing this with Helen and Michelle for Extra Veg. 

Sweetcorn and Pepper Quiche with Harissa Kick
Makes 5 - 6 individual quiches or one large Quiche
Blind bake shortcrust pastry lining 6 individual tins or an 8 - 9 inch fluted tin
For the filling
3 peppers, red, yellow and green, core removed and sliced thinly
1 tablespoon olive oil

Handful of frozen sweetcorn or 1 small tin, rinsed
250ml - 300ml double cream
3 eggs
2 tablespoons green harissa or red harissa
80g cheddar cheese, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
Coat the sliced peppers in the olive oil and tip into an ovenproof tray and bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes or until soft.  Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

In a bowl, pour the double cream, then whisk in the eggs, harissa and season to taste.
Pour over the blind baked pastry that has been layered with the cooked strips of peppers.  
Then scatter over the grated cheese.
Bake gas mark 4/180oc for 30 - 35 minutes for individual ones or 40 - 45 minutes for larger quiche or until golden. 
Allow to cool, before removing from tins and serving. 
Good warm or at room temperature. 


  1. This looks very good and I can't wait to see those botanic garden photos.

  2. Thank you VegHog. The Botanic Garden of Wales blog post is up. Not very wordy, but picture heavy.

  3. I love a good quiche, and the addition of lots of veg can only be a good thing. A very belated thank you for linking up to #ExtraVeg

    1. Thank you Helen, yes - very belated, but better late than never I guess.


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