Thursday, 2 July 2015

Eat Your Greens #13

Welcome to the Round Up for 'Eat Your Greens' #13.    
This is a monthly vegetarian and vegan cooking challenge for food bloggers to make something with a green vegetable (or fruit) each month.  
First up we have  Janet from the Taste Space with Sweet and Salty Tahini Asparagus and Quinoa Salad
Next we have Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary with Teff Salad with Sprouted Beans, Pea Shoots and Wild Garlic.  
Manpreet from Healthy Eats for All with Quinoa Corn Bhel Savoury Snack.  The greens here are cucumber and coriander. 
The Veg Hog shares a colourful plate of Pasta with Pea Shoots, Baby Leaf Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes
Jen from Chardonnay & Samphire shares with us a lovely plate of Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables and Lemon Cashew Sauce.  The greens here are baby courgettes, broad beans and asparagus.  

Choclette formerly of Chocolate Log Blog  and now Tin and Thyme brings to the table Fat Hen and Chick Weed Pesto.  Please go by and check each contribution, I know my fellow bloggers would appreciate it.  Also I am welcoming #EatYourGreen recipes for July.  Follow this link on how to participate.  I hope you will also be able to join in the Vegetable Palette challenge too, the theme is Glorious Reds.  
And finally, my own contribution to Eat Your Greens - a Sea Vegetable Quiche made with Laverbread, Samphire and Seaweed Flakes.  


  1. Thank you for the round-up Shaheen! What a lovely bunch of green summer recipes!

    1. Thank you for your contribution VegHog, always appreciated and inspiring

  2. Great to see an interesting round up of greens - not much greens on my blog last month but hopefully might get some in soon - this time of year is not great for greens and photography but I live in hope!

    1. Thank you Johanna, I don't have much good lighting in my home any season, wish I had known this when we moved in - much is taken in the garden, and fingers crossed its not raining or the windowsill.


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