Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentines day came early for me

After the incident at the allotment and before I received surprise gifts through my busy letterbox last week, I was looking for some cheering up and some shopping therapy. I had been ogling at some of Kella’s creations. One of my wishes has been for a dragonfly brooch, but then I saw this beautiful dragonfly necklace, well I was tempted. But I don’t have a credit card, I’ve never ever have had one and I don’t have paypal either, so I had to bat my lashes at D and wish a little harder.
About this time last week D handed me over the most beautifully wrapped package. It was so, so pretty that I just didn’t want to unwrap it, but of course I did as I wanted to see what was inside. I slowly tore the recycled wrapping and inside this beautiful dragonfly landed on me, ooh I was so delighted. Thank you Kella for taking the time to make it, and Thank you to D for giving it to me.
Kella’s jewellery is handmade and unique. So please do go by and check out Kella's creative wishes, maybe there is something there for you or a loved one. I’d wear this dragonfly to work, but unfortunately, at work we have to wear these ID badges around our necks, so it’ll be for some other evening.
Oh so what are in these little heart ramekins dishes, come back later and I will shed some more light.


  1. Lucky you, what a great necklace:)

  2. The necklace is so pretty. I love dragonflies. I have a dragonfly tattoo on top of my right foot. They are such lovely creatures.

  3. Hi Mangocheeks, I'm really pleased you liked it and that D bought it for you made it even more special I'm sure.

    Thanks for the lovely way you blogged about it too, I really appreciated this.

  4. Lovely gift. I know you'll enjoy wearing it.

  5. gorgeous necklace - am sure it will cheer you up when you wear it

    I visited Darwin a few years back (very tropical part of Australia) and it was the end of the very humid and uncomfortable wet season - people kept saying to us that they had seen dragonflies and the dry season was coming. So the dragonflies were the sign of good times to come - hope your dragonfly is a positive sign for you.

  6. Thanks Krys.
    I'm envious of you dragonfly tattoo. I've never braved a tatoo myself. Dragonflies are truly beautiful.

    Thank you to you Kella. It is really special to me for a number of reasons, but one of them is it is handmade by you.

    Thank you E. I will enjoy wearing it.

    Thank you Ancoo.

    gorgeous necklace - am sure it will cheer you up when you wear it

    Thank you for sharing your visit at Darwin Johanna, and the good wishes of having a dragonfly on my side. Thank you so much, it is honestly appreciated and heartfelt.


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