Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My letterbox part 3

There was a knock on the door at the end of last week, D looked out the window and said theres a postman down there, have your ordered anything?! I said no, everything outstanding has arrived. Well I opened the door and the postman handed me this long parcel, I looked at the postmark and I instantly knew whom it had come from. It was from my best friend in America, but why, its not my birthday, anniversary or…
Inside it was a silicone baking mat excellent for rolling out doughs and for using in place of parchment paper, and these small, yet beautiful Japanese tea tins. The gold flower paper covering the tins were hand-crafted in Japan. These were belated Birthday and ‘paper’ Wedding Anniversary presents. She wrote this is your paper anniversary, hence the paper covering.
She also wrote I went ahead and filled the tins with an assortment of nice teas from my kitchen, so they wouldn't be empty. And now, it is like we can have tea together, since we can share the same tea'. I am all choked up. There is oolong, spicy mint, Genmai cha and chocolate mint truffle tea, wow - I never knew that such a flavour existed. This of course had to be the first to try.
The chocolate mint truffle tea was absolutely delicious without milk. So if you are reading this dearest friend Thank you my dearest friend for the wonderful surprise. I miss you truly. One-day, we will share a cup a tea and a piece of cake at the same table.
She thinks she’s a terrible friend for the delay in forwarding these gifts, I am just as bad too. I went to Kelburn Castle and Country estate in the West of Scotland five-six years ago and got the pottery shop there to make her a handmade salt pig. The salt pig is still with me. I am too afraid to post it in case it breaks. Maybe it is time to forward it to its rightful owner. Oh, this made me smile too, this brown paper bag was used by my dear friend to carefully wrap my gifts. It is one I would frame. Wouldn't you?!


  1. Unexpected gifts from afar are the best. That tea sounds heavenly, you lucky girl :)

  2. what a lovely story.
    chocolate mint tea sounds lush. I've had to give up sugar so no more M&S mint truffle bars for me. Do let me know if you track down any similar tea here.

  3. I buy Mighty Leaf chocolate mint truffle tea and LOVE IT! Happy to see that someone else is enjoying it too!

  4. How wonderful!!! Your friend was so sweet! I love how she put tea bags in those lovely tins, such a fantastic idea!!! Yes, I would frame that gifts wrapper; it's a great way to remind you of wonderful friendship:)

  5. What a lovely gift, especially the thought behind it. I love your tea cup and saucer. Yes, I would frame the bag, it's so cute.

  6. How nice to have such a dear friend. The bag is adorable. Peace, Stephanie

  7. I definitely frame this. This is such a sweet post.

  8. I love genmai cha. So earthy and soothing after a cold day.

  9. Thank you Kella.
    I have been spoiled in the last few days.

    Thank you Nic.
    You know I have been spoiled in the last few days. I'm sorry to learn that you have had to give up sugar. I will def. let you know if I come across any similar tea here. Absolutely.

    Thanks RGVeggie,
    I had my first tea cup of chocolate mint truffle tea and loved it. You are so lucky to be able to get it where you are! Maybe I'll come acros some in the U.K.

    Yes Oraphan. I am blessed to have a wonderful friend in my life! It just a shame she lives so far, far away. I'm glad you agree that you'd frame that gifts wrapper, as I would too :)

    Thank you Jo.
    I really am a lucky to have her in my life. Thanks for noticing my tea cup and saucer. I have four all different flower designs. I don't really use them as they sit in the cabinet, but I thought it'd be a shame not to share them. The others will feature on the blog too in due time. I'm glad to learn that you too would frame the bag. Thanks :D

    Thank you Stephanie.

    Thank you Krys.

    Welcome Incident Alice.
    I haven't tried the genmai cha yet, maybe I will this evening. Thanks.

  10. This brought tears to my eyes and made me miss my friends across the country. What a nice post!

  11. ~tHANK YOU SO MUCH Bianca.

    I do miss her dearly, she recently had a baby girl too.

    Also Thank you so much for becoming a follower. I am humbled and honoured. Thank you.


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