Sunday, 7 February 2010

Artichoke and mozzarella wraps

Its been a busy day of house-cleaning, so it was a quick lunch today with some store-cupboard and fridge ingredients.
I can hardly give you a recipe for this. So will just let you know what ingredients I used. You will need a panini press for this.
Artichoke, mozzarella and greens wrap
Some artichokes from a jar in oil, drained of oil
Greens such as rocket, watercress, spinach
Mozzarella cheese, the type used on pizzas
Tortilla wraps
Pepper to taste
Put in required amount of ingredients into the tortilla, then wrap well and cook on a panini press till cheese has melted.


  1. Yumm...Yumm!

    MangoCheeks, I am checking with myblogspark tomorrow for the answer on my giveaway for you, so I will let you know!



  2. Looks very yummy, I would use my vegan cheese alternative though.

    Reminds me of the sort of lunches I used to prepare for myself a few years ago.

    I think I'm in need of a little bit more love time for myself. Today has been that sort of day and this lovely wrapped sandwich has hit home that fact.

  3. I would love to have this yummy Wrap!!!!

  4. Simple and Fantastic! I got the munchies now...

  5. Those look fab and I can feel myself about to google panini press!

  6. I call food like this comfort food, and so quick to make too. It looks delicious.

  7. Thank you Pam.
    Don't worry though. I understand with things being overseas :D

    Thanks Kella. I hope you made some time for yourself :) I have tried a number of vegan cheeses inc. those made in Scotland and just can't seem to get my self to like it :( Sorry. I am off for a few days next week, I got the nephews coming up for a few days for half term and this will be on the menu no doubt.

    Thank you Rachana.

    Thank you Alessandra. I agree simple.

    Thanks Fran,
    Yes the panini press. It is so handy to have. I got mine four years ago. Its a Dualit brand. Some people buy jewellery, clothes and shoes, I buy kitchen stuff.

    I agree Jo.
    This is easy comfort food, especially the melty oozy cheese.

    Thank you so much Janet.

  8. Looks so good! I never think to use tortillas in my panini press (usually thicker bread, but I love the grill marks it makes!

  9. Thank you so much for your comment fresh365. I do normallyuse thicker bread, but thought why not try a tortilla for a change. It worked out very well, and was quick too.

  10. Your wraps looks fantastic! It sounds like a nice quick and easy lunch. I love this great idea and the look of grill marks on the tortillas, YUM!

  11. Lovely wraps!! So tasty too!

    What's not to love???

  12. Thanks Oraphan,
    It was easy peasy, and delicious.

    Thank you Sophie.


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