Monday, 1 February 2010

My busy letterbox Part 1

Those of you who are familiar with Oraphan’s blog Easy Veggie will know that I won one of the books for her 50th post contest. Readers were also asked to submit an Easy Veggie dish. I had not realised I had won and Oraphan made a decision not contact me. She later informed me that she really wanted to leave a comment on my blog and let me know that I had won one of the cookbooks, but at the same time, she also wanted me to discover for myself, so that it was a surprise. And it really was, it just so happened when I was catching up with my weekly reads, I learned that I was one of the winners. Wow, I had won Vegetarian Suppers, the other book was Vegetable Soups. I was genuinely surprised to have won this book for two reason, one it was by a vegetarian chef I admire, and two, it was a cookbook that I did not have, which is amazing in itself. I already have Deborah Madisons: The Greens Cookbook, The Savoury Way and even Vegetable Soups – imagine if chose me for that book, fortunately it didn’t and it went to the right person. Thank you so much Oraphan for the book and the lovely magnetic bookmark you sent with it. Most appreciated.
I first discovered Deborah Madisons books when I was invited to the States in 2000 by my closest friend. She had this big orange sleeved cookbook on one of her shelves along with a number of Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks, but it was Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone that grabbed my attention at the time. I left America with some souvenirs, a couple of thumb rings which I am still wearing to this day (see header) and my own heavy copy of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. My dear friend said to me ‘you better cook from that’.

Anyway, I digress - I received Vegetarian Suppers early last week and have been wanting to cook from it, but the question is what, there are so many enticing recipes to choose from. So please do come by later in the week to check out what I decided to make.


  1. Congratulation dear! Looking forward to the yummy recipes from this great recipe book:)

  2. Thank you Rachana.
    I have decided what to make from it.

  3. Congratulations on the cookbook! So lovely that the perfect cookbook found the perfect home... :-) Looking forward to hearing more about the recipes! :-)

  4. How cool to win a giveaway, I found out today I won one too, I'm yet to blog about it though.


  5. How great you won the cookbook, Oraphan is so sweet she wanted it to be a suprise :) and I really enjoyed her round up of the recipes too.
    Looking forward to seeing which recipes you make!


  6. Thank you Astra.

    Thanks Kella. I look forward to seeing what you've won.

    Thanks Rose.

  7. Oh, You're very welcome, Mangocheeks!

    I'm so happy that you loved the book and it happened to be the book that you didn't have. I love surprises, Rose at Roses r red did this to me too, she didn't tell me until I found out myself later that I won her giveaway,it was truly a very nice surprise,lol!!!

    I really love your new header, I just noticed it when you talk about your thumb ring, awesome!!! Can't wait to see which recipe you will pick first:)

  8. Once again Thank you so much Oraphan. I'm pleased with the new header too.

    Leah :D


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