Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Spiced Vegetarian Roast Dinner

on a weekday. I know.
I didn't get round to making a roast vegetarian dinner on Sunday, and one of the nephews who really likes his roasted vegetables almost begged me to make a Roast Veg dinner. How could I ignore his pleas and those big brown puppy eyes. So this is what we had yesterday evening.

So that you don't think I am some kind of wonder woman to present such a full plate of food, especially after a day of running around the city with the young guns and being Aunty. You should know, that there are two things on the plate that are shop bought. Three if your counting the vegetarian gravy. The (sliced) vegetarian roast and the Yorkshire puddings. I know, shameful. I could have easily made the yorkies myself. I don't want to make excuses, but I do have two, if your interested in reading on. One my oven is quite small, I didn't have room to roast and keep warm the carrots, parsnips, sprouts and potatoes especially as all were in their own trays. Secondly, its one of those days when you've been out all day and don't really have much energy to cook in the evening. So something like this, is relatively easy to put together.
I did get some help with the peeling of the vegetables from the youngest, whilst the oldest set the table. He's dab handy with the napkin folding.
Tucking in already. Oi wait for the gravy and the drinks!!!
Roasted vegetables on the plate: cayenne potatoes, cumin carrots and parsnips, and paprika sprouts.
Fifteen minutes before serving the roast potatoes, I sprinkled over some cayenne powder.
I part-cooked the parsnips only, when just tender I mixed them with chopped carrots. Then I coated them in a tablespoon or two of olive oil and a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Then roasted them in the oven until golden.
The Brussels sprouts recipe comes from here. Good it was too. Even the youngest liked them.


  1. My mouth is watering! I asked about the comment because I trained as a librarian and it is always interesting to meet other librarians.

    Thanks for your lovely comments and I hope the nephews travel safely back to Wales.

  2. Mmmmm, lovely, no matter what, well except for the sprouts! I hate sprouts!

  3. I have never cooked a tarditional britsh roast dinner ever but I liked how you spruced up a traditional british meal with different herbs and spices, I will try that for a change.

  4. I always love roast veggies! mmmm
    Ive never tried yorkshire puddings, but have seen them in the store. I will have to pick some up to try.


  5. I love those place mats! Lucky nephews, a roast dinner midweek.

  6. I so love roasted veggies, as you know by now!! The vegetarian dinner looks quite fab!

    MMMMMMM,...very tasty!!

  7. Thanks e.
    After asking the question I went to your blog and was reminded of your profile. A Librarian of course.

    Thanks Jacqueline.
    I'm not a big sprouts fan either, but please, please do try them oven roasted. Sprouts taste completely different!

    Roast vegetables and the trimmings, is not something I grew up eating either, but we did reinterprete the traditional British roast dinner with spices now and again. My version is not the same as my mother would make it, but its still good.

    Thanks Rose,
    I know you will do this, but I still feel as if I have to say it, Please do check the label on the Yorkshire puddings they do tend to be made with eggs, so not suitable for vegans.

    Thank you Kath. Yeah. I got them quite recently, as the ones previous (ie the one in the middle) are getting a bit manky.

  8. Those veggies look delicious! I like the idea of roasting sprouts which I love but it is hard to ring the changes with them for anyone who does not like them.

  9. Looks delicious! Its making me hungry for a roast at 9am!
    I also love the placemats, so different.

  10. Thank you Sophie.

    Thanks Peggy.
    Your right, if someone really doesn't like sprouts, roasted or boiled will still not convert them. But hey we can at least try.

    Thanks Clare.
    Maybe not one for breakfast, but for lunch - but that would mean having a light evening supper :D

  11. We had roasted sprouts yesterday, yumm. I'll try adding paprika to them next time.

    Have been catching up on your blog and so sorry to hear that you do not have your allotments any longer, although I completely understand why. We are fortunate that our allotments are council-owned, and as far as I am aware, the occasional thieving and vandalism is by outsiders.

    Do you have enough space to grow much in your garden?

  12. Thanks Felicity.

    To be honest my garden plot is really small 6footby8foot, so I won't be growing on the scale as before, but I will be try and make the most of it. I wil also be growing some veg in pots too. This is what I used to do before I got the allotment plot.

    I have also been thinking of signing up to a veg box.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  13. Thank you for the blog visit and the comment! Your food photography is lovely; so much brilliant color! If I learned to prepare vegetables so that they looked like yours, my two boys might eat them more often...

  14. We don't often have a roast dinner on a Sunday as I work from 11-6.30. We often have roast dinners through the week though, definitely more than once a week, they're my favourite. Sprouts are one of my favourite veg, but I've never roasted them before, I must try.

  15. Love all the different roasted vegetables! Yorkshire puddings sound like the perfect accompaniment. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. Thank you so much for coming by Shannon.
    Vegetables are not high on many peoples eating list, but it is on mine. Maybe in time, your boys will come to love them. :D

    Hi Jo,
    My apologies, in my haste in responding to the comments about, I overlooked the fact that times have changed. A number of families these days don't have traditional Sunday Roast, especially with many women working to pay the bills. Therefore for some of us, a family Roast dinner happens on a weekday.

    You must try roasted sprouts, I do think you'll like them.

    Thank you for coming by croquecamille.

  17. Mmmmm - I love a roast dinner and those vegetables look great - my mum says it is one of her easiest dinners because you just put everything in the oven and leave it - but it needs time - which is not so easy when you are out on the town - but it is such comfort food to come home to esp in winter

  18. Thanks Johanna.
    I think a Vegetarian roast is relatively easy too, but for me you do need the space in the oven and my cooker is quite 'wee' as the Scots would say.

  19. I certainly will check out the label :) thanks for the reminder, sometimes I assume products I usually buy will not change ingredients only to return home and find out theyve decided to add egg, gelatine or milk!

  20. HI Rose,
    I went to a cafe for a cuppa coffee with my nephews recently, on the table they had various sauces. I picked up one of the tomato ketchup packets and it read 'may contain fish'. So I also try to check the labels, esp with familar brands when they say 'NEW AND IMPROVED'!


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