Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lavender Lemonade

Whilst I was busy house cleaning over the weekend, and peeking into my disorganised stored food cupboard I came across my lavender jar. I unscrewed the lid and sniffed high. Oh what a tranquil scent. Then I thought, mmm should do something with this.

I’ve made Lavender Sugar a couple of times. You just have to add a small amount of dried lavender to caster sugar and mix both ingredients in an airtight container, shake well regularly for the flavour and scent to infuse. Strain out the lavender (if you wish, I don’t) and use in sweet bakes, drink recipes and even sprinkled over porridge.
I decided on making some lavender lemonade. There are a number of recipes out there for lavender lemonade, but I decided to use a recipe from a book that I have yet to cook from. This is really a simple and delicious recipe. It uses agave nectar also known as agave syrup. I have seen agave syrup many times at health stores, but never had a reason to buy it, hence try it, until now. If you don’t want to purchase a bottle of agave syrup and I would understand as it is not particularly affordable costing about £2.50 for 250ml you can replace it with the same quantity of sugar syrup.
The lavender buds add a faint hint of purple hue to the lemonade too making it more enticing to the eyes, I think. The quantity made was quite generous for D and me, so I poured the remainder into flip-top bottles I used for my elderflower champagne. I am going to try and store a bottle, so that I can introduce the sweet yet distinct flavour of lavender to friends and family, that is of course if I don’t quench it all myself in the next few days.
Lavender Lemonade
Serves 6 - 8
6 cups/2 pints of water
¼ cup/5g lavender buds
½ cup/100ml of agave syrup or sugar syrup
¾ cup/150ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 4 - 6 large lemons)
In a small saucepan, combine the lavender with 2 cups/350ml of water. Bring to a boil, for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and let it steep and cool down for 10 minutes. Strain the lavender water into a serving pitcher and discard the cooked lavender. Add the rest of the water, agave syrup, lemon juice and stir well. Refrigerate until cool. Serve in clear glasses to appreciate the faint natural purple hue. From Vegan Soul Kitchen.


  1. MMmm, I love lavendar and I have some dried from my garden. This looks great and I must try it!

  2. Never made it, however, I love lemonade and lavender, so the combination should be great!

  3. That sounds delicious, I made a lot of lemonade last summer, but have not heard of lavender lemonade before. I adore lavender but it doesn't adore my garden and it's clay soil.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I totally recommend it. It is really well balanced.

    Purple Flowers,
    You have made me smile commenting on a purple plant :D

    It is really good. Please do try it.
    I know lavender likes being rooted directly into the ground, but have you tried growing it in pots. May be worth a try. It is such a lovely herb and scent to have in your garden.

  5. sounds delicious MC and I predict blissful sleep for you tonight

  6. I love lavender!!!! and this drink looks really refreshing:)

  7. I am not surprised with your lavender lemonade as I think you will try to make an edible dish/drink out of absolutely anything!The sausage rolls look delicious and the addition of the sundried tomatoes and rocket could also work very well with any sausage.

  8. Intriguing to say the least and one to try in the summer I think.

  9. yummy that looks awesome I'm going to do that!

  10. What a lovely taste of summer this must be - great idea.

  11. I've got lavender in my garden so this is one I must try.

  12. cool! having stolen some lavender this summer (see blog for full confession) I have been looking for some good ideas other than just lavender bags. This lemonade looks really special. Louise

  13. how intriguing - maybe I could use up some of my rose petals this way - if I find lavendar I will try some of that too - I love the idea of agave instead of sugar syrup

  14. Sounds enticing. I have never had lavender in any food that I can recall, and this is something I must do soon. First, I'll have to grow some lavender....Peace, Stephanie

  15. Thank you Rachana.

    :D Peggy.

    Yesh Kella, Summer would have been the right time to try this lemonade, but I couldn't wait.

    Hope you Like Carla.

    Yeah Choclette - a little bit of summer in the winter :D

    Jo - Please do, I am sure you'll enjoy it. Just a little taster though, this is not one of those drinks you want a load of.

    Hey how you been doing Louise.
    Been a while.
    I'll be sure to come over later to read your lavender confession.

    What a good idea Johanna.
    Last year I put some rose petals in my elderflower champagne. I never got round to writing about it.

    Thanks Stephanie.
    Please do grow some, even if it is just for the scent.

  16. What a neat & grand idea!! I also make my lavender sugar myself! Thanks for this interesting lavender lemonade!

    Looks very refreshing!!! mmmmmmm,...

  17. Never heard of Lavender lemonade, but it sounds really interesting.

  18. Thanks for coming by Janice. It really is worth trying.

  19. That looks totally refreshing and lovely, Mango.

  20. Lavender lemonade sounds lovely, I love lavender flavoured things.
    I passed an award on to you...

  21. Lavender Lemonade is a staple around our house in the summer. I have even made lavender ice cubes (add two drops of lavender essential oil to the water before you put the water in the ice cube trays and add a lavender "flower" to each ice cube).

  22. Thanks for sharing Ks mumbo jumbo.
    I'll have tro try it with lavender essential oil one-day, love the idea of adding a lavender bud to it too. :D

  23. Thanks Barbara. It really was refreshing.

    THANK YOu so much Clare for thinking of me for the award. I really appreciate you thinking of me.


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