Monday, 11 May 2009

Roasted teriyaki tofu steaks with glazed vegetables

In my attempt to try eating and cooking more with oriental flavours, I decided to make a recipe I had seen in Celia Brooks Brown book New Vegetarian. I followed the instructions to the pe for the roasted teriyaki tofu steaks, but changed some of the ingredients for the glazed green vegetables.

I served the tofu steaks with boiled rice, rather than the recommended egg noodles. In my head I still can't seem to get round to eating noodles. I think somewhere in my psyche my aversion to noodles is somehow connected to that 'take-away flavoured noodles in a pot' product Ugh, which I must add I have also never tried in my life. Honest! I know, I know the two are completely different products, but I can't seem to shift my poor attitude towards noodles. I promise I will try noodles at some point, just not right now.
Back to the roasted teriyaki tofu steaks. I was really impressed to learn that teriyaki sauce is quite easy to make at home, providing you have the ingredients of course which are sake, soy sauce and mirin with a dab of sugar. After marinating the tofu in the teriyaki sauce (the longer the better I think), it was baked in the oven gas mark 7 for about 10 minutes.

Celia described the roasted teriyaki tofu steaks as 'succulent' in her book. I totally agree. I can happily eat tofu this way.

Now one more packet of tofu to use up, before I go to Paris - Oh I am getting excited now!


  1. What a gorgeous meal! I would have gone with rice as well, though I do like noodles.

  2. It was rather rich for me.


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