Monday, 25 May 2009

Meringues and sage the size of my palm

This was our last day in Paris and the sunshine decided to show it's face to us. We left the hotel and walked over to the Brazza to get our shot of café noir, but it was closed for the whole day. As we wandered the streets, it became apparent to us that a number of places were closed for most of the day on Monday.

We planned to pay another visit to Jardin de Tuilleries, then it was off to St Denis again where we stopped and had a quick light bite to eat. This is perhaps the most authentic of french vegetarian food there is: Oeuf mayonnaise.
We also shared a generous slicing of gateau fromage blanc. It looked heavy like cheesecake, but it was really light and melted in your mouth beautifully.
Then we wandered over to St Martin and a little place called passage Brady. It is a narrow street decked with maharajah style chairs and tables by the various Indian and Pakistani restaurant owners all vying for your custom. St Martin is also a location buzzing with student activity.
We stumbled upon a school/community garden. There was so much already growing, the broad beans and potatoes already flowering, lettuces and various herbs. If you look closer you will see a person sleeping on the bench, serene.
I was astonished to come across this patch of sage, the size of my palm!
Then we took a casual stroll along Canal Martin which was surrounded by a number of trendy shops and trendy people.
These little colourful meringues were a delight for the eye. We had to get a few edible gifts for friends at home, so why not these?! But right now, which one for me - eeny meeny miny mo
Ah a pistachio meringue for me! So chewy, so rich and so creamy.


  1. How neat that you found the gorgeous community garden.

  2. It was a nice surprised tucked in the corner of this park where students were hanging out.


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