Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pour Paris

Seven days in Paris and I was expecting seven days of sunshine (especially after a long wet week in the West Scotland), instead I got seven days of persistent rain and looming grey skies.
But it wasn't all miserable, there were some good things: the patisseries, the fromageries, the fruit and vegetable markets, the café noir (yes I can drink black coffee) and the sights (the obvious tourist attractions, the fashionistas and the cultural diversity of the people) and sounds (music and accents) of Paris.

As a cook, I was disappointed that I wasn't able to cook with some of the vegetables and fruit on offer, it was hard to walk on by without making a purchase. So it was eating out pretty much every single day. The restaurants, brasseries and Cafés were 'hit and miss' which I had expected - especially as a vegetarian in Paris, but I will share more with you during the week.

After dropping our suitcases at home, we drove over to the allotment (yes we are dedicated) to see if all was well at the plot. And to our relief all was good, of course it would be, we had Fitzy watching over our plants and seeds. What a difference a week makes!


  1. Welcome back, Mango! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip. Oh, and the fat baby seeds are from the Real Seed company - they do a lot of fab stuff: http://www.realseeds.co.uk/

  2. Thanks fran39.

    I will check out the website.

  3. I forgot to say, Welcome Home!


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