Sunday, 3 May 2009

Herbs and shells by the beach

The plan today was to take a trip to Gourock, not particularly for the beach, though it is quite nice there, but for the garden centre. Last year I neglected my lemon verbena plant, it took me years to find one, then by chance encounter I found one. Lemon verbena has the most beautiful smell, even better than lemon balm. I sniffed it now and again, getting high on its powerful sweet lemony scent, then winter came and I forgot about it, left it out in the cold. Now spring has sprung I rediscover it, all dry and twiggy, yes it is dying. In my disappointment and yearning to save it, I have cut it back and there seems to be some life, so I am tending to it to come back to me, but I am not sure it will - so I am keeping my eyes wide open for a another one. The other reason for the visit to the garden centre was to get some Goldie courgette seeds as these had been devoured by those allotment mice. So off we drove, up Gourock for the Garden Centre.
But before we reached our destination, we stopped by the beach which is literally opposite the garden centre. Other than some people walking their dogs it was quite quiet.
I decided to pick some shells for an allotment project. I will tell you more about that some other time.
So what did I get from the garden centre? No lemon verbena; and no Goldie, or goldrush courgette seeds. Instead I returned home with some different herbs that I had not anticipated getting: angelica, black pepper mint, variegated lemon thyme, tarragon and green feverfew. That is one benefit of going to independent garden centres, there is a lot more choice there. I also purchased two yellow courgette plants, to get me started. Afterall I don't want to be without yellow courgettes, it's now part of my summer culinary diet. How spoilt or should I ask how lucky am I?


  1. Pretty beach! I hope your lemon verbena survives!

  2. I hope so too. It's presently over at the allotment in the greenhouse recovering. I will keep you posted on its healing process.


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