Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bastille market

Last Sunday we planned to visit Bastille Market, the famous Parisian vegetable market, and what a wonderful experience it was. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I so wish I had a place like this nearby to where I live.
The mosaic work at Bastille metro underground.
For brunch we had a Lebanese moite moite which I think means 'half and half'. Half of the flat round doughy bread had tomato pasted on it, the other half, olive oil, sesame seeds and thyme then it was topped with some cream cheese and rolled up. Delicious. For me, the street food of Paris has been the best food.
Vegetables stacked mile high! okay I exaggerate, but it all looks good.
Will I grow tomatoes that size? very unlikely.
Artichokes: big and small.
Curious me - I think this is smoked (mozzarella) cheese, but I was not fluent enough in french to ask the stall holder. What do you think it is?
Wish there were more markets like this here. I'd be happy to go there whether rain or shine.

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  1. What an amazing market. I also love Parisian street food!


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